COW December 1941

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL R Burzevo 02/12/1941 Russian German Burzevo, Russia The General 28.3
ASL AP13 Shielding Moscow 03/12/1941 German Russian Khimki, Russia Action Pack 2
ASL JATK6 Mannerheim's Cross 05/12/1941 Finnish Russian Karhumakea, Finland Jatkosota: Finland's Continuation War
ASL Euro-Pack 18 Winter Hell 06/12/1941 Russian German Northwest of Moscow, Russia Euro-Pack 5: Eastern Front Warfare
ASL FE 67.1 A Cold Day In Hell 06/12/1941 Finnish Russian Medvezhegorsk, Russia Leningrad Pack
ASL AP63 The Nutcracker 07/12/1941 Russian German Klin, Italy Action Pack 7
ASL FE129 Colonel Saeki's Raid 08/12/1941 Japanese British Sadao, Thailand Fanatic Pack 4
ASL AP83 Thai Hot 08/12/1941 Japanese Thai Pattani Province, Thailand Action Pack 9
ASL CH 14 Ninety Minute War 10/12/1941 Japanese Gumanian Agana, Guam, the Marianas Critical Hit Retro 2
ASLSK S6 Released From the East 11/12/1941 German Russian Istra, Russia Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit 1: Infantry!
ASL RP2 The Glory Road 12/12/1941 Japanese Gurkha Asun, Malaya Rout Pak I
ASL SAGA94-2 The Recalcitrants 12/12/1941 ? ? Jitra, Malaysia SAGA Tornament Scenario 1994
ASL FT 37 Siberians Are Coming 14/12/1941 Russian German Panovo, east of Tula, Russia Le Franc Tireur 7: Barbarossa
ASL GD7 The One Hundredth 14/12/1941 Russian German Southeast of Tula, Russia Grossdeutschland Pack 1: The Early Years
ASL A91 The Road to Gora 15/12/1941 Finnish Russian West of Gora, Russia ASL Annual '96
DASL CH42 Teryaeva Sloboda 15/12/1941 German Russian Teryaeva Sloboda, Russia Critical Hit 4
ASL SP 25 Two Pounds In Return 15/12/1941 New Zealand German Sollum, Egypt Schwerpunkt 3
ASL CH 80 Cut the Line 17/12/1941 Japanese American Route 1, near Ragay, Bicol Peninsula, the Philippine Islands Critical Hit 4.1
ASL SPA653-A All-Out Effort 17/12/1941 ? ? North of Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia Combat History of Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653
ASL FE 51.1 Wolf Pack In the Hills 18/12/1941 Partisan Italian Lastva, Hercegovina Balkan Warfare
ASL WG 9 Retreat From Moscow 19/12/1941 Russian German Rusa, Russia Wargamer 2.11
ASL A90 Cutting Out a Strongpoint 19/12/1941 South African Axis 7 miles south of Halfaya Pass, Egypt ASL Annual '95 Winter
ASL J166 Maximum Aggression 19/12/1941 British Japanese Sumpitan Village, Malaya ASL Journal 11
ASL MLR1 Hana-Saku 19/12/1941 Japanese Canadian Mt. Butler, Hong Kong Island Maple Leaf Route: Canada at War
ASL JS10 Checkout Time 21/12/1941 Japanese Canadian / British Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, China ASL Digest 6.08
ASL A55 The Cat Has Jumped 22/12/1941 Japanese American Near Bauang, Luzon, The Philippines ASL Annual '93a
ASL Leatherneck 3-7 Timbuyo Tango 22/12/1941 Philippine Japanese Route 1, Timbuyo Peninsula, Philippines Leatherneck 3: Call In the Army
HASL RC1 Il Pattuglione 22/12/1941 Italian Russian Novo Orlovka, Russia Red Christmas: Moscow Counteroffensive
ASL FE 25 Trouble At Agoo 22/12/1941 American Japanese Agoo, the Philippine Islands Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL FE130 Desperate Straights 22/12/1941 Japanese Canadian Wong Nei Chong Gap, Hong Kong, China Fanatic Pack 4
ASL JF13 On A Pale Horse 22/12/1941 Philippine / American Japanese Damortis, Luzon, Philippines Jitter Fire V Tournament Scenario
ASL J149 Taking a Stand at Rosario 22/12/1941 Japanese American Rosario, Luzon, The Philippines ASL Journal 10
ASL WI1.1 U.S. Counterattack On Wilkes 23/12/1941 American (USMC) Japanese Wake Island Wake Island Scenario
ASL WI1.3 In Doubt 23/12/1941 Japanese American (USMC) Peacock Point, Wake Island Wake Island Scenario
ASL WI2.1 A Fierce and Desperate Battle 23/12/1941 Japanese American (USMC) Wake Island Wake Island Scenario
ASL CH141 Another Alamo 23/12/1941 Japanese American (USMC) Wilkes Island, Wake Atoll Critical Hit 6.3
ASL DB062 Pacific War Series 1: Heroic Defense of War 23/12/1941 Japanese American (USMC) Wake Island Dsipatches From the Bunker 25
ASL CanCon 1995 Scenario 5 Late for Pudding 24/12/1941 ? ? Hong Kong CanCon Tournament Scenario 1995
ASL DB006 Early Philippines Series 1: In the Best Tradition of the Cavalry Service 24/12/1941 Japanese Philippine Binalonan, Luzon, the Philippine Islands Dsipatches From the Bunker 3
ASL CH136 Desperate Stand 25/12/1941 Japanese British / Canadian Stanley Village, Hong Kong Island, China Critical Hit 6.2
HASL RC2 Do They Know It's Christmas? 25/12/1941 Russian Italian Orlov Ivanovka, Russia Red Christmas: Moscow Counteroffensive
HASL RC3 Paint It Red 25/12/1941 Russian Italian Novo Orlovka, Russia Red Christmas: Moscow Counteroffensive
HASL RC4 Dies Irae 25/12/1941 Italian / German Russian Orlov Ivanovka, Russia Red Christmas: Moscow Counteroffensive
ASL WCW 9 Sweep Up 25/12/1941 German Russian Konduja, Russia ASL Open '95 Scenario Pack
ASL PK26.1 Lack of Reconnaissance 26/12/1941 American Japanese Piis, Luzon, the Philippine Islands Coastal Fortress Gamers Group Online Scenario
ASL G27 Vaagso Venture 27/12/1941 British German Vaagso, Vaagso Island, Norway The General 30.2
HASL RC5 Avanti Savoia! 27/12/1941 Italian / German Russian Orlov Ivanovka, Russia Red Christmas: Moscow Counteroffensive
DASL Z1 Commando 27/12/1941 British German South Vaagso, Vaagso Island Rout Report
ASL AP84 Double Trouble 28/12/1941 British Japanese Bokpyin, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL T6 The Dead of Winter 29/12/1941 Russian German Northwest of Staritsa, Russia The General 27.2
ASL FE119 The Face of War 29/12/1941 Romanian Russian Near Kerch, Russia Oblivion Pack
HASL RC6 Backfire 30/12/1941 Russian Italian / German Orlov Ivanovka, Russia Red Christmas: Moscow Counteroffensive
ASL A92 Highway 5 31/12/1941 American Japanese Baliuag, Luzon, The Philippines ASL Annual '96
ASL PTO1 4 Battle At Baliugag 31/12/1941 American Japanese Baliuag, Luzon, The Philippines Total Pacific Theatre Pack 1
DASL J11 In the Old Tradition 31/12/1941 Indian Japanese Kampar, Malaya ASL Journal 1