ASL Annual 93a

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ASL Annual ’93a

ASL Annual ’93a was published by Avalon Hill in 1993. Although the editor promised the ASL Annual would be published twice yearly, this only occurred in 1993.

The article "Getting the Lead Out" was originally published in The General vol. 17 no. 6


  • Panzer Gegen Panzer Tank Warfare in ASL by Bruce E. Bakken
  • A Word from the Editor by Rex A. Martin
  • Annual Crossfire Probing Layforce by Robert Banozic and Mark Nixon
  • Getting the Lead Out A Parable for ASL by Steve Powlesland
  • Topography (list of maps and modules)
  • Signals (letters column)
  • Beating About the Bush A Look at Bypass by Phillipe Leonard
  • The Squad Leader’s General (list of ASL articles in The General)
  • Grade Under Fire A Look at Scenario Design by Guy Chaney
  • The Illustrated & Legible Advanced Sequence of Play
  • Debriefing (rules Q&A and errata)
  • Iron Eagle A New Airborne Unit for ASL by Rex A. Martin



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
HASL Scenario A51 Clash Along the Psel 12/07/1943 German Russian
ASL Scenario A52 Swan Song 29/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario AD11 Sicilian Midnight 16/07/1943 American Italian
ASL Scenario A53 Smith & Weston 26/03/1944 Japanese American
ASL Scenario A54 The Raate Road 13/12/1939 Russian Finn
ASL Scenario A55 The Cat Has Jumped 22/12/1941 Japanese American
ASL Scenario A56 A Good Party 16/03/1943 British German
ASL Scenario A57 First Banzai 29/05/1943 Japanese American
ASL Scenario A58 Munda Mash 16/07/1943 American Japanese
ASL Scenario A59 Death at Carentan 11/06/1944 American German
ASL Scenario A60 Totsugeki! 10/01/1944 Japanese Chinese