COW February 1942

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL FE 31 Plenty of Time to Rest When You're Dead 02/02/1942 Philippine Japanese Quinauan Point, Bataan, the Philippine Islands Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL FE 32 Get To the Point 03/02/1942 American / Philippine Japanese Silaiim Point, Bataan, the Philippine Islands Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL SP 57 Big Toul Pocket 03/02/1942 Philippine / American Japanese Trail 7, Bataan Province, Luzon, the Philippine Islands Schwerpunkt 5: Medal of Honor
ASL CH 10 Forest Strongpoint 06/02/1942 Russian German Orlovo, Russia Critical Hit Retro 1
ASL Z13 Singapore By Moonlight 09/02/1942 Japanese British Johore Strait, Singapore Rout Report 4.4
ASL J71 Tomforce 10/02/1942 British Japanese Bukit Timah Village, Singapore Island ASL Journal 4
ASL AP88 Full Moon Madness 11/02/1942 Japanese British Kuziek, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL J128 Opium Hill 14/02/1942 Japanese British Pasir Panjang, Malaya ASL Journal 9
ASL Tac45 Rakkasan Butai 14/02/1942 Japanese British / Dutch Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia Tactiques 6
PL PL J1 Capturing the Palembang Oilfields 14/02/1942 Japanese Dutch / British Palembang, Sumatra Critical Hit 6.4
ASL PTO1 5 Oil Strike! 14/02/1942 Japanese Australian / British / Dutch Palembang, Sumatra Total Pacific Theatre Pack 1
ASL U27 A Winter Melee 17/02/1942 German Russian Okorovovo, Russia Turning the Tide
ASL Tac70 Brise-Lames 17/02/1942 Russian German Velizh, Russia Tactiques 9
ASL Point Blank 2 Makin Island Madness 17/02/1942 American (USMC) Japanese Makin Island, in the Gilbert Islands Point Blank 2.1
ASL AP89 To the Pain 17/02/1942 British Japanese Danyingon, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL AP90 Smashing the Hook 18/02/1942 British Japanese Danyingon, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL PTO1 3 Koepang Bang 20/02/1942 Japanese Australian / Dutch Penful Airfield, Koepang, Dutch Timor Total Pacific Theatre Pack 1
ASL GD8 Blood-Flecked Snow 20/02/1942 German Russian Tschuchlowo, Russia Grossdeutschland Pack 1: The Early Years
ASL A86 Fighting Sparrow 21/02/1942 Australian / Dutch Japanese Northeast of Koepang, Timor, the Lessor Sundas ASL Annual '95 Winter
ASL AP91 Parting Shots 21/02/1942 Japanese British Thebyuchaung, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL BO4 Usau Ridge 22/02/1942 Australian Japanese One mile west of Usau, Dutch Timor Breakout! 42
ASL SP117 Stranded Cats 22/02/1942 Japanese British / Indian Sittang, Burma Schwerpunkt 10
ASL SP127 Bleed Gurkha Bleed! 22/02/1942 Japanese Gurkha Sittang Bridge, Burma Schwerpunkt 11
ASL AP92 End of the Beginning 22/02/1942 Japanese British Sittang, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL PBP14 Under Siege 23/02/1942 Russian German Cholm, Russia Aussie-ASL '97 Pack
ASLSK S57 Haase to Hold On 25/02/1942 Russian German Ugra Station, Russia Special Ops 5
ASL WWW 83 The Bruneval Raid 28/02/1942 British German Channel Coast, Bruneval, France Wolf's Den
ASL Tac15 La Vallee du Tonnerre 28/02/1942 Russian German Gromovaja-Balka, Ukraine Tactiques 2