ASL Journal 11

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ASL Journal 11.jpeg
ASL Journal 11

ASL Journal Issue 11 was published by MMP in 2016.


  • The Umpires' View Editorial by The Executive Editors
  • The Best Campaign Game Ever? Valor of the Guards CG IV by Mike McGrath
  • The Halfling Death By Electric Football Blitz by Aaron Cleavin
  • Forgotten War A Preview of Korean War ASL by Kenneth P. Katz
  • Squad Bleeder III Return of the Son of Squad Bleeder by Bret Hildebran
  • Relaxing With Intensive Fire What Would Gary Do? by J. R. Tracy
  • Slaughter At Ponyri HASL A First Look by Jim Aikens, Jeff Coyle, & Pete Shelling
  • Getting To Know Gavutu-Tanambogo Come To De Islands, Mon! by Jon Neall
  • Rivers To The Reich The Last Squad Leader Conversions by Jim Stahler
  • The Vierville-sur-Mer Boat Club Reach The Beach in AP101
  • Debrief This Issue's Errata Updates by The Editors
  • Recon: The 10th Guards Rifle Division Action Pack Looking Ahead by Ken Dunn


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J161 Riding to the Rescue 24/05/1940 British German
ASL Scenario J162 African Brothers 10/07/1940 Italian British
ASL Scenario J163 Aiding the Local Constabulary 29/03/1941 Italian / South African Mutineer
ASL Scenario J164 Aiding the Local Constabulary (3-player) 29/03/1941 Italian or South African or Mutineer Italian or South African or Mutineer
ASL Scenario J165 Among the Dead 26/05/1941 German Allied
ASL Scenario J166 Maximum Aggression 19/12/1941 British Japanese
ASL Scenario J167 Hart Attack 28/11/1942 Allies German
ASL Scenario J168 Katyusha's Embrace 08/08/1943 Russian Axis
ASL Scenario J169 Few and Far Between 30/08/1943 Russian German
ASL Scenario J170 Red Churchills 20/06/1944 Russian Finnish
ASL Scenario J171 Whom Gods Destroy 14/08/1944 EDES or German or ELAS EDES or German or ELAS
DASL Scenario J172 Ramcke's Redoubt 16/09/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J173 Assault on Baerendorf 24/11/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J174 Heart of Athena 07/12/1944 British Partisan
ASL Scenario J175 Bedburg Bite 16/02/1945 Canadian German
ASL Scenario J176 Deadly Assumption 04/03/1945 German American
ASL Scenario J177 Coup de Main at Hamminkeln 24/03/1945 British German
ASL Scenario J178 Old Friends 26/03/1945 American German
ASL Scenario J179 Resignation Supermen 10/04/1945 German American
ASL Scenario J180 The Hour Zero 08/05/1945 British / Wehrmacht SS
ASL Scenario J181 The Deadly Line 13/08/1945 Russian Japanese
HASL Scenario FB19 War Brotherhood 25/01/1945 Axis Russian
HASL Scenario HS33 Down on the Farm 19/02/1945 Canadian German
HASL Scenario VotG26 Bad Day for the Luftwaffe 20/09/1942 German Russian
HASL Scenario VotG27 Drama, the Park, and Deadly Things 23/09/1942 German Russian
ASL Scenario SB4 Dismantling 1st DCR 15/05/1940 German or French French or German
ASL Scenario SB5 Stampede of the Wild Buffaloes 17-19/09/1944 German or American American or German
ASL Scenario SB6 Eviscerating Vienna 08/04/1945 German or Russian Russian or German