ASL Journal 10

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ASL Journal 10.jpeg
ASL Journal 10

ASL Journal Issue 10 was published by MMP in 2011. This was the first issue to have scenarios printed on card stock.


  • The Umpires' View Editorial by The Executive Editors
  • Festung Budapest FAQ Bill Sez: Q&A for the Festung Budapest HASL by MMP
  • Festung Budapest Scenario Replay FB17 Stalingrad Redux by Phil Palmer, John Slotwinski, and Sean Deller
  • Bullet In The Head To Shoot, or Not To Shoot, That Is The Question! by Aaron Cleavin
  • When In The War? A Table of Date-Dependent Rules by Spencer Armstrong
  • The Beginner Blues, Part I General & Pre-Game Mistakes To Avoid by Robert Wolkey
  • Notes On B10.1 Dealing With Those Pesky Terrain-Covered Crest Lines by MMP
  • The Close Combat Simulator What To Expect When You're…Close Combating! by Bruno Nitrosso
  • Debrief This Issue's Q&A/Errata Updates by The Editors
  • Son Of Squad Bleeder A DYO-esque Trio of Scenarios
  • Festung Budapest Terrain Chart and Player Aid Chart
  • "When In The War?" Chronological Rules Adjustment Table


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J147 Into the Grinding Mill 12/09/1937 Japanese Chinese
ASL Scenario J148 Last Minute War 24/03/1939 Slovakian Hungarian
ASL Scenario J149 Taking a Stand at Rosario 22/12/1941 Japanese American
ASL Scenario J150 The Sangshak Redemption 26/03/1944 Japanese British
ASL Scenario J151 Squeeze Play 25/05/1944 British Japanese
ASL Scenario J152 Messenger Boys 02/08/1944 British German
ASL Scenario J153 Dawn's Early Light 07/08/1944 German American
ASL Scenario J154 Cradle to Grave 01/09/1944 German American/FFI
ASL Scenario J155 It's Hardly Fair 20/09/1944 German American
ASL Scenario J156 Mageret Mixer 19/12/1944 American German
ASL Scenario J157 Rage Against the Machine 21/12/1944 Russian German
DASL Scenario J158 It Don't Come Easy 15/01/1945 German American
ASL Scenario J159 Tropic Lightning 24/01/1945 American Japanese
ASL Scenario J160 Bienen Burnout 25/03/1945 Canadian German
HASL Scenario FB18 Red Banner Days 26/01/1945 Russian Axis
HASL Scenario VotG25 Urban Nightmare 28/09/1942 Russian German
ASL Scenario SoSB1 Badanov's Boys 01/07/1943 Russian or German German or Russian
ASL Scenario SoSB2 Assaulted at Arras 21/05/1940 British or German German or British
ASL Scenario SoSB3 Marauding Marauders 01/03/1944 Japanese or American American or Japanese