COW January 1942

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL AP59 Taking Heads 01/01/1942 Japanese American Concepcion, Luzon, The Philippines Action Pack 6
ASL FE 26 Precious Minutes 02/01/1942 Japanese Philippine Pio, Bataan, The Philippines Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL AP58 Sat Sri Akal! 02/01/1942 Japanese British Kampar, Malaya Action Pack 6
ASL G10 Grab at Gribovo 03/01/1942 Russian German Gribovo, Russia The General 26.2
ASL J10 Armored Fist 06/01/1942 Japanese British Trolak, Malaya ASL Journal 1
ASL CH 93 The Prussian Way 08/01/1942 Russian German Demyansk, Russia Critical Hit 5.1
ASL FE 27 The Bravest Thing I Ever Saw 09/01/1942 Japanese American Layac, Bataan, The Philippines Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL RGC3 A Cold Winter's Day (Soviet) 10/01/1942 German Russian South of Mozhalsk, Russia DYO
ASL NQNG-1 Fuhrerbefehl! 10/01/1942 Russian German (SS) Demyansk Pocket, Russia HOB SS Update: SS I & SS II
ASL DD1.1 The Abucay Line 11/01/1942 Japanese Philippine Matabang, Bataan Peninsula, The Philippines Dolan, Dan
ASL A85 Airborne Samurai 11/01/1942 Japanese Dutch Near Menado, Celebes ASL Annual '95 Winter
ASL FE 17 Philippine Scouts At Mabatang 11/01/1942 Japanese Philippine Mabatang, The Philippines Fanatic Pack 2
ASL J46 Strongpoint 11 11/01/1942 Japanese Dutch Tarakan, Nei, Dutch East Indies ASL Journal 3
ASL DB009 Sargent Rudolf Brasche Series 2: Bunker Brasche 13/01/1942 German Russian Rostiv Suburbs, Southern Part of Kemyanka Valley, Russia Dispatches from the Bunker 5
ASL PTO1 7 Deceptive Reception 14/01/1942 Japanese Australian Gemencheh Bridge, Malaya Total Pacific Theatre Pack 1
ASL G28 Ramsey's Charge 16/01/1942 American Japanese Morong, the Philippine Islands The General 30.3
ASL ASL News 51 Forward Defense 16/01/1942 American / Philippine Japanese Moron, Baatan, The Philippines ASL News 27
ASL DB021 Early Philippines Series 2: Crisis On the Abucay Line 16/01/1942 Japanese Philippine The Abucay Line, Bataan, The Philippines Dsipatches From the Bunker 11
ASL FE 43 The Thirsty First Goes In 17/01/1942 Philippine Japanese Bataan, The Philippines Fanatic Pack 3
ASL Tac13 La Neige et le Sang 17/01/1942 Russian Spanish Bolshoue Utschno, Russia Tactiques 2
ASL DB014 Sargent Rudolf Brasche Series 3: The Heinrich Position 17/01/1942 Russian German Southern Kemyanka Valley, near Rostiv, Russia Dispatches from the Bunker 7
ASL MP19 Ski Patrol 17/01/1942 Spanish Blue Russian Shiloy Tschernez, Russia Melee Pack III
ASL WO6 The Heat is On 17/01/1942 Russian German Pogost'e, Russia Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 3
ASL PBP3 Children of the Kunai 18/01/1942 Australian Japanese Gemas, Malaya Critical Hit 3
ASL AP85 Slicing the Throat 19/01/1942 Japanese British Tavoy, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL RP8 Victoria Cross 20/01/1942 Australian Japanese Parit Sulong, Malaya Rout Pak I
ASL AP86 Milling About 20/01/1942 Japanese British Miyawadi, Burma Action Pack 9
ASL TEF1 6 The Battle For Pisino 21/01/1942 German (SS) Russian Pisino, Russia Total Eastern Front Pack 1
ASL 70 KP 167 22/01/1942 Philippine Japanese 3 miles east of Mauban, Bataan ASL Module 9: Gung Ho!
ASL SP162 The Buddha's Belly 22/01/1942 Japanese Bermese / Indian Sittang, Burma Schwerpunkt 14
ASL FE 28 Fidgety Bridget 23/01/1942 Japanese American Longoskawayan Point, Bataan, The Philippines Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL SP166 Blue Jacket Attack 23/01/1942 American (USMC) Japanese Mt. Pucot, Bataan Peninsula, The Philippines Schwerpunkt 14
ASL CH 12 Snow Ghosts 24/01/1942 Russian German Khristishche, Russia Critical Hit Retro 2
ASL FE 29 Reluctant Warriors 24/01/1942 Philippine Japanese Quinauan Point, Bataan, The Philippines Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL RBF-13 Neubauer Battalion 25/01/1942 German (SS) Russian Khmylovka, Russia Recon By Fire! 2
ASL Tac 2 Entre le Marteau et l'Enclume 26/01/1942 Russian German Khristishche, Russia Tactiques 1
ASL Tac14 Entre le Marteau et l'Enclume II 26/01/1942 German Russian Khristishche, Russia Tactiques 2
ASL FE 30 Trail 2 27/01/1942 American Japanese Trail 2, Bataan, The Philippines Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack
ASL J12 Jungle Fighters 31/01/1942 Japanese British / Australian Jahore Bahru, Malaya ASL Journal 1
ASL AP87 Empire's Fall 31/01/1942 Japanese British Moulmein, Burma Action Pack 9