COW December 1942

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL CH86 The Broken Blade 01/12/1942 German Allies Chouigui, Tunisia Critical Hit 1997
ASL GD14 Fighting Like Lions 01/12/1942 Russian German Gorovatka, Russia Grossdeutschland Pack 2: Forging the Stahlhelm
ASL DB004 Tunisian Series 1: Devil's Play 01/12/1942 British German / Italian West of Ounda, Tunisa Dispatches from the Bunker 2
ASL 1007 Down and Out 01/12/1942 American (USMC) Japanese Buna, Papua New Guinea Monster Pack 1.1
HASL Gona 7 Repulsed On the Beach 02/12/1942 Japanese Australian East of Gona Village, New Guinea Critical Hit Online 2
HASL St4 Sturm Party 02/12/1942 Russian German Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works, Stalingrad, Russia Stalingrad!: Valor of the 37th Guards
HASL StalPak4 Back To the Front 02/12/1942 Russian German Stalingrad, Russia Stalingrad!: Valor of the 37th Guards 2nd Edition
ASL O79.1 I Once Had a Comrade 02/12/1942 Partisan German South of Karhov, Russia On All Fronts 79
ASL C Roman Night 03/12/1942 Russian Romanian Oblivkavia, Russia SAGA Tournament Scenario 2001
ASL ? A Good Finish 04/12/1942 Japanese American (USMC) Mt. Austen, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands On All Fronts 121
HASL RB7 The Red House 05/12/1942 Russian German Behind the Barrikady, Stalingrad, Russia HASL Module 1: Red Barricades
ASL HP25 Duropa Plantation 05/12/1942 American / Australian Japanese Cape Endaiadere, New Guinea Hero Pax 3: Jungle Heroes
ASL Tac56 Les Petits du Renard 06/12/1942 German American Jebel El Guessa, Tunisa Tactiques 7
HASL Gona 6 Skilbeck's Gautlet 06/12/1942 Australian Japanese South of Gona Mission, New Guinea Those Ragged Bloody Heroes
ASL U28 Sowchos 79 08/12/1942 German Russian Southern Russia Turning the Tide
HASL Gona 1 On the Right Flank 08/12/1942 Australian Japanese Gona Village, New Guinea Those Ragged Bloody Heroes
HASL Gona 5 Desperate Escape 08/12/1942 Australian Japanese Gona Village, New Guinea Those Ragged Bloody Heroes
ASL 1008 The Sanananda Front 08/12/1942 Japanese American Papua New Guinea Monster Pack 1.1
HASL Gona 2 Gona's Gone 09/12/1942 Australian Japanese Gona Village, New Guinea Those Ragged Bloody Heroes
ASL DB031 Tunisian Series 6: The Third Column 10/12/1942 German French / American East of Medjez el Bab, Tunisia Dispatches from the Bunker 15
ASL 87:1 Unternehmen Wintergewitter 12/12/1942 German Russian Werchne, Jablotschnij LinCon Tournament Scenario
ASL O72.3 Panzer Army Popov 12/12/1942 Russian German Verkhniy Kumskiy, Russia On All Fronts 72
ASL A70 Wintergewitter 13/12/1942 German Russian Verkhune-Kumsky, Russia ASL Annual '95 Winter
ASL ? Deluge Glace 16/12/1942 Italian Russian Novaia Kalitava, Russia Journal du Stratege
ASL J83 Bloody Nose 16/12/1942 Russian Axis Kransnokutskaya, Russia ASL Journal 5
ASL WG 6 Plugging the Gap: State Farm 79 17/12/1942 Russian German Southeast of State Farm 79, Russia Wargamer 2.10
ASL O80.3 Stand At Shestakov 17/12/1942 Russian German Near Stalingrad, Russia On All Fronts 80
ASL BB24.2 Land of Milk and Honeys 18/12/1942 Australian Japanese Duropa Plantation, New Guinea Coastal Fortress Gamers Group Online Scenario
ASL SR1 Comienza el Crepusculo 18/12/1942 Russian German 6 km north of Sovjos 79, Russia Sir Roger Mercenario Xtra 1
ASL FT 83 Go On to Kolpino! 19/12/1942 Russian Russian Between Krasnyj Bor and Kolpino, Russia Le Franc Tireur 10: La Division Azul
ASL AL CG Armor Leader: Eastern Front CG 19/12/1942 German Russian Myschkova River, Russia Playtester's Journal 8
ASL G38 Castello Fatato 20/12/1942 Italian Russian Meshkov, Russia The General 31.4
ASL HP32 Sweet Surrender 20/12/1942 Italian British / French Near Oum el Abuad, Tunisia Hero Pax 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations
ASL AP45 Reaping Rewards 20/12/1942 Russian Romanian Kruzhilin, Southern Russia Action Pack 5
PBDYO Tac 1 Le Ciel et la Boue 22/12/1942 French Italian South of Port-Du-Fahs, Tunisa Tactiques 8
ASL FrF5 The Valley of Death 23/12/1942 Axis Russian Arbuzovka, Russia Friendly Fire Pack 1
ASL FO4 Catcher In the Kunai 24/12/1942 American Japanese Government Gardens, near Buna, New Guinea Forward Observer 2
HASL CH142 Longstop Hill 24/12/1942 British / American German Longstop Hill, Tunisia Critical Hit 6.3
ASL AP17 The Valley of Death 24/12/1942 Italian / German Russian Arbuzov, Russia ASL Action Pack 3: Few Returned
ASL AP18 Village of the Damned 25/12/1942 Russian Italian / German Arbuzov, Russia ASL Action Pack 3: Few Returned
ASL HS14 The Christmas Gifu 25/12/1942 American (USMC) Japanese The Gifu, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands HSASL Module 1: Operation Watchtower
PL BMW PL 1.1 Tatsinskaya Raid 27/12/1942 German / Romanian Russian Tatsinskaya, Russia Single Man Publishing Online Scenario
ASL FT 10 Desertion 28/12/1942 Russian German Velikye, Louki, Russia Le Franc Tireur 3