ASL Journal 5

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ASL Journal 5

ASL Journal Issue 5 was published by MMP in 2003.


  • Debriefing Latest ASL Errata by MMP
  • A Line In The Sand A Desert Mini-CG by Pete Shelling
  • History And The Game: Frontal Assault An Excerpt from Operation Bluecoat by Ian Daglish
  • The Jungle Isn't Neutral Up Close and Personal in the PTO by Mark Pitcavage
  • Hunting DUKWs And Buffalos Scenario Analysis: HS17 "Water Fowl" by Oliver Giancola
  • Poor Bloody Infantry An Analysis of the Riley's Road CG by Oliver Giancola
  • Bay Games 1994 ASL Team Tournament Scenarios by Jim Stahler
  • Acts Of Defiance A Look at a Classic Scenario by Matthew Shostak
  • A View Down The Road Just Over the Horizon for ASL by MMP
  • Heads Up! Heads Down! AFV Passengers and Crews by Ian Daglish


  • Page 4, first column, LitS SR 1, add at the end "The inherent HS of each SPW 250/sMG or SPW 251/sMG is a 2-4-8"
  • Page 4, "Operational Force Pool Tables" British Table A, Draw #2, replace "19 DVP" with "14 DVP"; British Table A, Draw #5, replace "4x Stuart II" with "4x Stuart I"; German Table A, Draw #1, replace "20 DVP" with "24 DVP"



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario J78 Fast Heinz 07/08/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario J79 Rommel's Remedy 31/08/1942 Axis British
ASL Scenario J80 Egypt's Last Hope 31/08/1942 German British
ASL Scenario J81 Twisted Knickers 01/09/1942 German British
ASL Scenario J82 Pavlov's House 20/10/1942 German Russian
ASL Scenario J83 Bloody Nose 16/12/1942 Russian Axis
ASL Scenario J84 Makin Taken 22/11/1943 American Japanese
ASL Scenario J85 Ptichin' In 27/06/1944 Partisan German
ASL Scenario J86 Frontal Assault 03/08/1944 German British
ASL Scenario J87 Flames of Unrest 19/08/1944 German Partisan
ASL Scenario J88 Escape to Wiltz 18/12/1944 American German
HASL Scenario J89 Himmler's House 29/04/1945 Russian German

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