COW February 1943

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL FE132 Land of Malaria and Pain 01/02/1943 British Japanese Laung-chaung, Burma Fanatic Pack 4
ASL BMW 4.2 Crosstown Traffic 01/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Devuretschnaja, Russia Single Man Publishing Online Scenario
ASL HP24 Warfe's War 03/02/1943 Australian Japanese Wau, New Guinea Hero Pax 3: Jungle Heroes
DASL AD3 Back to School 04/02/1943 German Russian Stanichka, Russia ASL Annual '89
ASL A26 Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay 04/02/1943 Russian Romanian / German Near Glebovka, Russia ASL Annual '91
ASL VV16 Mala Zemlya 04/02/1943 German Russian Stanichka, Russia Vae Victis 21
ASL WP10 Red Marines of Ozereyka Bay 04/02/1943 Romanian Russian Ozereyka Bay, Russia Winpak 1
ASL KE 4 Panzers to the Rescue 05/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Near Olshowatka, Russia March Madness '97 Pack
ASL G12 Avalanche! 06/02/1943 Russian German South of Nalchik, Russia The General 27.1
ASL ? Vers Koursk 06/02/1943 ? ? Stary Oskol, Russia Journal du Stratege
ASL TOT36 Balkan Barbeque 07/02/1943 German Partisan (Tito) Bosanki Petrovac, Yugoslavia Time On Target 3
ASL FT101 Fire and Ice 08/02/1943 Partisan German (SS) Kljuc, Yugoslavia From the Cellar Pack 3
ASL NOWS Con '86 Attack On Hill 307 08/02/1943 Russian German Near Novorssisk, Russia On All Fronts 76
ASL VB5 The French Relief 10/02/1943 Russian / Partisan German (SS) Krasny Bor, Russia Volfoni Brothers
ASL FT 85 Red Roller 10/02/1943 Russian Spanish Northwest of Krasnyj Bor, Russia Le Franc Tireur 10: La Division Azul
ASL FE 72.1 Manos a la Manos 10/02/1943 Russian Spanish Krasny Bor, Russia Leningrad Pack
ASL GD15 Closing the Back Door 10/02/1943 Russian German Shuraviovka, Russia Grossdeutschland Pack 2: Forging the Stahlhelm
ASL SRN1 Krassny-Bor 10/02/1943 Russian Spanish Krassny-Bor, Russia Sir Roger Mercenario Xtra 1
ASL AP60 Nishne, Nyet! 10/02/1943 German Russian Nishne-Gnilovskaya, Russia Action Pack 6
ASL G14 Tiger, Tiger 11/02/1943 Russian German Chernichevo, Russia The General 28.3
ASL FE 73.1 Polar Star 11/02/1943 Russian German Smerdynia, Russia Leningrad Pack
ASL Panzer Aces 2 Tigers To the Front 11/02/1943 German (SS) Russian North of Smerdyna, Russia Panzer Aces
ASL CH48 Double or Nothing! 12/02/1943 Russian German Donets Basin, Ukraine, Russia Critical Hit 4
ASL SAGA 2001 D Point Peiper 13/02/1943 German Russian Krasnaya Polyana, Russia SAGA Tornament Scenario 2001
ASL BP2 Ice Follies 14/02/1943 Russian German The Don, north of Voronezh, Russia Battleplan 9
ASL AH1 Retreat From the Caucasus 15/02/1943 Russian German Zaporozhye, Russia Haley, Alan
ASL A20 Counterattack at Sidi Bou Zid 15/02/1943 German American Near Sidi Bou Zid, Tunisia ASL Annual '90
ASL BMW 6.1 Cracking Kharkov 15/02/1943 Russian German (SS) South of Rogan, Russia Single Man Publishing Online Scenario
ASL CH 81a Hard Cactus 16/02/1943 German American Sbeitla, Tunisia Critical Hit Online 1
ASL PM1 Mopping Up 16/02/1943 German American East of El Guettar, Tunisa ASL Digest 3.10
ASL A18 Sbeitla Probe 17/02/1943 German American Sbeitla, Tunisia ASL Annual '90
ASL LASSH17 The Eleventh Commandment 17/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Ziglerovka, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 3: Clash at Kharkov!
ASL SP110 The Chernichivo Shuffle 17/02/1943 Russian German (SS) Chernichivo, Russia Schwerpunkt 10
ASL 95-2 Gardner's Withdrawal 17/02/1943 German American Sbeitla, Tunisia Schwerpunkt Tournament Scenario 1995
ASL A62 Paole Zion 20/02/1943 Axis Minor / German Partisan (Paole Zion) Pontawki Street, Warsaw Ghetto, Poland ASL Annual '93b
ASL A112 Gift of Time 20/02/1943 German / Italian British / American Kasserine Pass, Tunisia ASL Annual '97
ASL DB007 Tunisian Series 2: Crisis at Kasserine 20/02/1943 German / Italian American / French Kasserine Pass, Tunisia Dispatches from the Bunker 4
ASL SAGA 1996 Round 2 Mt. Erebus 22/02/1943 British Japanese Burma SAGA Tournament Scenario 1996
PL UV CG I Flesh Against Concrete 25/02/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Iwo Jima Uncommon Valor
HASL UV1 Move Out! 25/02/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Iwo Jima Uncommon Valor
ASL VV20 Panzerschlacht 25/02/1943 Russian German Russia Vae Victis 25
ASL 40 Fort McGregor 26/02/1943 German British 5 miles south of Medjez el Bab, Tunisia ASL Module 5: West of Alamein
HASL UV2 Agony, Ateball and Angel 26/02/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Iwo Jima Uncommon Valor
ASL RBF-14 Kampfgruppe Lang 26/02/1943 German British Sidi Nsir, Tunisia Recon By Fire! 2
ASL SP129 Locking Horns At Lozovzja 26/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Lozovaja, Russia Schwerpunkt 11
ASL RPIII 7 Decapitation 27/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Artelnoye, Russia Rout Pak III
HASL UV3 Devil's Den 27/02/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Iwo Jima Uncommon Valor
ASL ASL News 70 Fallen Leader 27/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Artelnoye, Russia ASL News 32
HASL UV4 Into the Breech Once More 28/02/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Iwo Jima Uncommon Valor
ASL ? Norvege 1940 28/02/1943 Partisan German Rjukan Factory, Norway Journal du Stratege
ASL LASSH18 Sudden Fury 28/02/1943 German (SS) Russian Olchovatka, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 3: Clash at Kharkov!