ASL Annual 93b

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ASL Annual ’93b

ASL Annual ’93b was published by Avalon Hill in 1993. Although the editor promised that the ASL Annual would be published twice yearly, this only occurred in 1993.


  • Sand & Blood The Story Behind the GT CG by Dan Dolan
  • First to Fight! by Steven Swann
  • A Word from the Editor by Rex A. Martin
  • Annual Crossfire Holding the Rear by Robert Banozic and Mark Nixon
  • Signals (letters column)
  • Warriors of the North The Canadians in ASL by Michael Dorosh
  • Topography (list of maps and modules)
  • First on the Beach Playtesters’ Views of the New CG by Bleck, Burnett & Martin
  • Debriefing (rules Q&A and errata)
  • Notes to the Troops Ask Not What ASL Can Do for You by Rex A. Martin
  • Chronology of War (list of scenarios in chronological order)
  • Tiger Trap A New Fortification for ASL by Rex A. Martin
  • Forward Observer by Rex A. Martin
  • Overlays (Gavutu-Tanambogo)



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario A61 Across the Wire 16/06/1940 British Italian
HASL Scenario AH3 Grabbing Gavutu 07/08/1942 American Japanese
HASL Scenario AH4 Tanambogo Nightmare 07/08/1942 American Japanese
HASL Scenario AH5 Take Two 08/08/1942 American Japanese
ASL Scenario A62 Paole Zion 20/02/1943 Axis Partisan
ASL Scenario A63 Action at Balberkamp 22/04/1940 German Norwegian
ASL Scenario A64 Chateau de Quesnoy 05/06/1940 German French
ASL Scenario A65 The Dinant Bridgehead 13/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario A66 Counterstroke at Stonne 15/05/1940 French German
DASL Scenario AD12 Tussle at Thomashof 18/02/1945 British German
ASL Scenario A67 Monte Castello 12/12/1944 Brazilian German