Action at Balberkamp

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Action at Balberkamp

Publication: ASL Annual '93b, Doomed Battalions
Location: Near Balberkamp, Norway
Scenario Date: 22 April 1940
# of Turns: 12.5
# of Maps: 5
Maps Used: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Board A63.jpg
Attacker: German
Defender: Norwegian / British


After the initial landings at Oslo, the Germans began to move northward, through the valley of the Gudbrandsdalen, towards Trondheim. The Norwegians and British forces there attempted numerous blocking actions which were largely unsuccessful. One such was made by elements of Group Ruge outside the village of Balberkamp. Knowing they could not halt panzers, the Norwegians fully expected British reinforcements to come to their aid in their desperate stand. Displaying superb tactical insight, the German commander dispatched a lightly armed company in a wide flanking movement to seize the heights behind the enemy position. Luck was with them, and the Germans were able to establish themselves on the hills just prior to the arrival of the British.


Victory Conditions

The German must eliminate Norwegian/British units


Errata (A63)

  • The German cross in the Turn 2 box of the Turn Record Chart should be in the Turn 3 box, and the British roundel should be in the Turn 2 box.
  • Add the following sentence to SSR4: "After the first player receives his reinforcements, the opposing player receives (when his reinforcements arrive) an extra reinforcement squad for each subsequent failed Reinforcement DR"




After Action Reports