The Professionals

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The Professionals

Publication: ASL Annual '91, Doomed Battalions
Location: Pirot, Yugoslavia
Scenario Date: 7 April 1941
# of Turns: 9
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 6, 7, 11
Attacker: German
Defender: Yugoslav


On April 6th, the Wehrmacht erupted across the Yugoslavian borders. The Yugoslavs repeatedly performed individual acts of heroism -- attacking the panzers with grenades and Molotov cocktails -- but collectively the Yugoslavian army was outclassed and scattered. However, along the Nisava River, the wooden bridges were invariably in flames that first day when German troops reached them. Desperate for bridges to link his divided command, von Kleist formed an advance armored detachment and sent ths ad hoc group ahead to seize bridges along the river. Early the next morning, after driving through the darkness, an element under the command of Major Teege reached Pirot to find the bridge there still standing. With infantry dismounted from their vehicles, he swept forward to capture it.


Victory Conditions

The German must occupy hexes


Errata (A28)

  • Kindling is NA
  • At end of SSR 4 add: "Use either Cannone da 47/32 (Italian Ordnance Note 5), or the Bohler M35 (Allied Minor Common Ordnance Note 26) but without a gunshield"



After Action Reports