Retraite Malaisee

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Retraite Malaisee

Scenario TAC3.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 1
Location: Mt. Owen-Stanley, New-Guinea
Scenario Date: 07/09/1942
# of Turns: 8
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 34, 36
Board TAC3.jpg
Attacker: Japanese
Defender: British


The main Japanese offensive began on 26 August. On that day Horii had three strong battalions in the front line, and that figure soon rose to five. The Australians only had the 39th and 53rd Battalions, 30th Brigade on the northern side of the mountains, although two more were on the way (2/14 and 2/16 Battalions, 21st Brigade). The Australians were outnumbered, and were repeatedly outflanked. By 5 September they had been forced to retreat back through the Gap, allowing the Japanese onto the southern slopes of the Owen Stanley Range.

The Japanese advance continued on the southern side of the mountains. The Australians held a position on Efogi Spur from 6-8 September, and were then forced to retreat once again, after the Japanese attacked nine weakened companies with five battalions.

Two new Australian brigades, the 16th and 25th, were dispatched to the front on 9 September, the day after the Japanese attacked the Efogi position. The front line was now at Ioribaiwa, and here the Australians would finally meet strong reinforcements coming up from Port Moresby. The ridge was already defended by the 2/1 Pioneer Battalion and the 3rd Battalion, 14th Brigade. On 10-11 September they were joined by the retreating 2/14 and 2/16 Battalions, while the first two battalions from the 25th Brigade reached Ioribaiwa on 14 September. The new battalions attempted to outflank the Japanese soon after arriving, but this attack ended in failure, and the Australians were forced to pull back once again, taking up a position on the Imita Range, a day’s march from Ioribaiwa.

Source: Battle of the Kokoda Trail

Versions History

Victory Conditions

The Japanese need to exit the most VP. PTO Terrain is in effect (G1).


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