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Original Contest

Tom Repetti wrote on the Gamesquad Forum:

OK, it's time for Quickfire Challenge 2!

Like last time, you'll have two weeks to finish your scenario design and mail it in to me (not Steve) for formatting with the standard ASL look-and-feel. Then maybe a week's pause to make sure we've got the 
formatting right, and then we have two weeks to vote on a winner. 

Like we've said, this round will be a version of ASL Chopped!, introduced in this thread some time ago. I thought for a bit about what elements to include this time around, and decided that I really liked the 
ideas that were coming in for the original four "ingredients", so I'm just going to go with those :-)

THEREFORE. You have two weeks to design a scenario that contains:

   * A Wounded 10-3 leader
   * Board 8
   * Inexperienced AFV Crews
   * Cactus Patches

Beyond those four "must-have" elements, you can do whatever you want. It can be any time, any place. Historicity is not a must for a Chopped!, of course, but the challenge is to combine these elements into a 
historically-plausible scenario. Trumping ALL of these, of course, is FUN, so give the players a rollicking good time and only Certified Curmudgeons (TM) will grouse at your lack of rigor.

If you previously outlined a scenario in the original Chopped! thread, please clean it up and mail it to me as your Quickfire Challenge 2 submission - I'm not going to assume that the responses to the original 
thread will be submitted here. I'd like them to be, though - those were some pretty creative ideas :-)

Source: Gamesquad Forum.

Contest Results

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