Hit The Beach! 6.3

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The Newsletter for Southern California ASL Players

Issue #6.3 (July, 2001) - 13 pages


  • President’s Corner by Brandon Liesemeyer
  • What’s Inside? By Matthew Cicero
  • D. Y. O. Summer Tourney. After Action Report by Jim Aikens
  • ASL Challenge! An Ordnance Quiz...
  • Roll Call ! Ron "got Infantry?" Mosher
  • After Action Report: Book Review by Matthew Cicero
  • The Grognard Speaks!: The Joys of VASL PBEM by Matt Romey
  • Sample VASL Board + Sample Log Files By Matt Romey
  • ASL Challenge! A Word Find By Rob Stai
  • Moments in History: Unknown Weapons of the U.S.M.C. by Scott Thompson
  • The Pastor’s Corner: "Spicing Up the Game, Part III" (variant rules) by Robert Hammond
  • HTB! 10 and 11 Scenario Design Notes (Scenario HTB! 10, Scenario HTB! 11) by Bruce Kirkaldy
  • SoCal ASL Club. Challenge Cup Standings
  • Did you Know? (A8.15) By Matthew Cicero


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