Hit The Beach! 3.8

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The Newsletter for Southern California ASL Players

Issue #3.8 (Nov 1998) - 7 pages


  • President’s Corner by Matt Romey
  • Product Review: DOOMED BATTALIONS By Douglas Creutz
  • Scenario Analysis (Scenario 86, Scenario 87) by Douglas Creutz
  • THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE ARMY: When you absolutely, positively have to kill Americans in the PTO by Chuck Hammond
  • SCENARIO Hell 235.5 (Scenario T 7.875)
  • After Action Report (Scenario 66, Scenario 67) by David Nicholas
  • THE FUTURE OF “THE GAME” by EddieZeman


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario T 7.875 Hell 235.5 09/07/1943 German Russian


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