Contre-attaque a Villers-Bocage

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Contre-attaque a Villers-Bocage

Scenario TAC6.jpg
Publication: Tactiques 1
Location: Villers-Bocage, France
Scenario Date: 13/06/1944
# of Turns: 8.5
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 10, 11, 18
Attacker: German
Defender: British


The Battle of Villers-Bocage, fought during the Second World War on 13 June, 1944, was part of the wider Battle of Normandy. While attempting to encircle and capture the German-occupied city of Caen, a Brigade group of the British 7th Armoured Division made an opportunistic thrust into the German flank through a gap that opened up in the front line. The British reached the town of Villers-Bocage without incident, but the Germans had foreseen the danger and correctly anticipated the likely direction of an attack. The unexpected intervention of German heavy armour caught the 7th Armoured Division's vanguard unprepared, and increasingly strong German counterattacks caused the British to abandon Villers-Bocage for a more defensible position outside the town. The Brigade group was withdrawn the following day.

Source: Battle of Villers-Bocage on Wikipedia

Versions History

Victory Conditions

Germans need to control all multi-hex buildings (A26.12), without losing too much AVF's.


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  • Even though the German OB details the units as an SS detachment, the 5-4-8 squads are not given SS capabilities; they are considered Elite squads (A25.11). (list of errata at the end of the translated scenarios).



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