COW November 1944

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL JS 9 Tare Red 01/11/1944 British German Walcheren Island, Netherlands Shields, Jeffrey
ASL ABS2 The Chantilly Prelude 01/11/1944 American German France, near Strasbourg, Germany Critical Hit Tanks!
ASL SP 81 Betje Wolf Plein 01/11/1944 German British Flushing, Walcheren Island, Holland Schwerpunkt 7
ASL U41 Infatuate II 01/11/1944 British German Westkapelle, Walcheren Island, Holland Rivers to the Reich
ASL FE135.1 Approach March 02/11/1944 Russian Hungarian Ocsa, Hungary Budapest Pack
DASL Playtest The Strongpoint 03/11/1944 Russian German Goldap, East Prussia On All Fronts 123
ASL U6 Action at Kommerscheidt 04/11/1944 German American Kommerscheidt, Germany A GI's Dozen
ASL CanCon 1995 Scenario 6 A Dog's Breakfast 04/11/1944 ? ? Szolnok, Hungary CanCon Tournament Scenario 1995
ASL BB25.1 The Unholy Mission 06/11/1944 American German Vossenack, Germany Coastal Fortress Gamers Group Online Scenario
ASL O4 Engineers as Infantry 06/11/1944 German American Vossenack, Germany Rout Report
ASL DB058 Independent Series 6: Vossenack Church 06/11/1944 German American Vossenack, Germany Dispatches From the Bunker 24
HASL MP 2 Curtain Kall 06/11/1944 American German The Kall Gorge, Hurtgen Forest, Germany Melee Pack I
ASL MP 3 Holy Ground 06/11/1944 German American Vossenack, Germany Melee Pack I
ASL HP 7 Ripple Effect 07/11/1944 German American Kommerscheidt, Germany Hero Pax 1: Hurtgen Hell to Bulge Nightmare
ASL G4 First Action 08/11/1944 American German Vic-sur-Seille, France The General 24.3
ASL AP99 Bare Foot Beating 10/11/1944 Chinese Japanese Momauk, Burma Action Pack 10
ASL CH134 Sturmtruppen 11/11/1944 German Russian Goldap, East Prussia Critical Hit 6.2
ASL U7 Han-Sur-Neid 11/11/1944 German American Han-sur-Neid, France A GI's Dozen
ASL VV38 Les Lions de Belfort 14/11/1944 German Free French Belfort, France Vae Victis 59
ASL 3 Kalach 16/11/1944 Russian German Kalach, Russia Alea 11
ASLSK S30 Ripples On the Pond 16/11/1944 American German Apweiler, Germany Operations Special Edition 1
ASL MP 4 Bleeding the First 16/11/1944 American German Hamich, Germany Melee Pack I
ASL FT 07 Jackson's Fire 17/11/1944 German American Puffendorf, German Le Franc Tireur 2
ASL MP5 The Rats of Hamich 18/11/1944 American German Hamich, Germany Melee Pack I
ASL ML1 The Filstrof Bridge 19/11/1944 American German Filstrof, France ASL on the Internet
ASL A100 Dorset Wood In the Rain 19/11/1944 German British Tripsrath, Germany ASL Annual '96
ASL A109 Scouts Out 19/11/1944 American German Filstrof, France ASL Annual '97
ASL HOW07 Trench Warfare 19/11/1944 American German East of Puffendorf, Germany Hell on Wheels Battle Pack
ASLSK RPT17 Hetzer Hunters 19/11/1944 German American Durboslar, Germany Rally Point 2: Starter Kit Special Study
ASL RPT25 Cornwalls' Rum Ration 19/11/1944 German British Bruggerhof, Germany Rally Point 3: Relics From the Schwerpunkt Archives
ASL SP 59 Rivers’ End 19/11/1944 American German Guebeling, France Schwerpunkt 5: Medal of Honor
ASL CH69 Baptism of Fire 20/11/1944 American German Kogenbroich, north of Geilenkirchen, Germany Critical Hit Tanks!
ASL J60 Bad Luck 21/11/1944 German American Merzig, Germany ASL Journal 3
ASL J19 Merzenhausen Zoo 22/11/1944 Allied German Merzenhausen, Germany ASL Journal 2
ASL SP150 The Legrew Manuver 22/11/1944 American German St. Jean-Rohrbach, France Schwerpunkt 13
ASL CH 72 Across the Würm 23/11/1944 American German Kogenbroich, north of Geilenkirchen, Germany Critical Hit Tanks!
ASL 61 Shoestring Ridge 24/11/1944 Japanese American Damulaan, Leyle, The Philippines ASL Module 8: Code of Bushido
ASL J173 Assault on Baerendorf 24/11/1944 American German Baerendorf, Alsace, France ASL Journal 11
ASL FT 67 Knin Pocket 25/11/1944 Partisan German / Croatian Knin, Yugoslavia Le Franc Tireur 9: Yugoslavia
ASL A27 King's Castle 26/11/1944 American German Frenzenberg, Germany ASL Annual '91
ASL SS-96c Cuckoo 26/11/1944 British German (SS) Geijsteren Castle, north of Venlo, Holland Steve Swan's Free Scenarios
ASL FE126.1 Path To Retribution 29/11/1944 German / Croatian Yugoslavian Knin, Dalmatia Oblivion Pack
ASL AP72 Guns for St. Barbara 29/11/1944 American German St. Barbara, Germany Action Pack 7
ASL O113.1 Biting Beeck 30/11/1944 American German (SS) Beeck, Germany On All Fronts 113