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Scenario 48.jpg
Toujours l'Audace Example

Getting Started

  • First thing to do: go to Toujours l'Audace and make a copy of the edit code to use in your own scenario.

Naming Conventions for Scenarios

  • Each added scenario must only contain the correct name of the Scenario: eg. Fighting Withdrawal, Scenario J 23, Scenario SP 2, ...
  • If you don't know what is already been used, check 1. the Products-section or 2. search the NAME of the scenario.
  • Don't forget to add the ID of the scenario as an REDIRECT page: 1. create the empty page with the ID of the scenario (eg. Scenario 126) and ONLY add the following in your edit: #REDIRECT [[pagename]]

Scenario Image

  • Width should be 300px. When using scanned image, please only use greyscale jpg/jpeg images. Files should be around 10~20kb.

Victory Conditions

  • These should give a brief expanation of the situation to give an idea what can be expected when played either side of the scenario. Special rules can also be mentioned here if they change the scenario in a significant way. Please add the scenario to that rule if it is very specific (eg chapter E stuff, desert, special vehicles, ...)

External Links

  • If possible always refer to your online resources. Eventually online resources can be ported to PDF for easier use.


  • You can upload files (AAR, Scenario, Analysis, ...) using the upload page. Please only use files which are freely available on the internet.
  • Don't forget to link to both the original link and the local uploaded file.
  • The VASL Logs are preferably from all turns of the scenario. Please number them and specify which turns are played if split.


All Scenarios should be added to the following categories:

  • Category:Scenarios


  • Category:SK Scenarios

We will add further categories later on (like night, PTO, ...)

Please use Scenario 48 as a reference.