The General 30.1

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The General vol 30 no 1.jpeg
The General Vol. 30 No. 1

The General Volume 30 Number 1 was published by Avalon Hill in 1995.


  • With Your Shield Or On It! Spartan Strategy in PELOPONNESIAN WAR by Paul Norell
  • The Generals In Blue And Gray An Analysis of the Leaders in CIVIL WAR by Charles E. Duke
  • Iron Bottom Sound Advanced Campaign Rules for TOKYO EXPRESS by Alan R. Arvold
  • March Madness The 1995 NCAA Final-Four Teams by Curtis Milburn
  • Eight Steps To ASL A Programmed Instruction Approach by Jim Stahler
  • Train, Train, Coming Down The Track Preview of Computer 1830 by Robert Waters
  • The Rhetoric Of Games Attacking Natives: Rule 8.31 in NEW WORLD Re-analyzed by John David Galt and Robert Waters
  • Series Replay - FIFTH FLEET Days 2 & 3 in Scenario Seven: Action in the Bay of Bengal by Donald Greenwood
  • First Battle Of Bull Run One Man's Play of ACROSS FIVE APRILS by Thomas Chick, Alan Tetkoskie and Joe Balkoski
  • Mission Debriefing Background, News and Combat Tips for FC2 by Charles Moylan
  • Same Place, Different Time New Scenarios for FLASHPOINT: GOLAN by Mark H. Walker
  • The Stalingrad Training School 1942 Semester - Tactical Tips for STALINGRAD by Eric Sposito


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G25 The T-Patchers 15/12/1943 American German
ASL Scenario G26 Parker's Crossroads 23/12/1944 German American