COW February 1940

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL BB9 A Wedge in the Ice 11/02/1940 Russian Finnish Near Viipuri, Finland Backblast 1
ASL SAGA2001B Summa Snow 11/02/1940 Russian Finnish Lake Summa, Finland SAGA Tournament
ASL CH70 Surprise at Honkaniemi 22/02/1940 Finnish Russian Honkaniemi, Finland Critical Hit Tanks!
HASL TAP6 Viku Baptism 26/02/1940 Finnish Russian Honkaniemi, Finland Total Axis Pack 1: Eastern Front Firestorm
ASL PK12.1 Ice Cold 28/02/1940 Russian Finnish Tuupura Island, Finland Coastal Fortress
ASL CH139 Betrayed by General Winter 28/02/1940 Russian Finnish Tuupura Island, Finalnd Critical Hit 6.3
ASL FrF18 Through Fire and Ice 28/02/1940 Russian Finnish Heikurila, Finland Friendly Fire Pack 3