ASL Annual 97

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ASL Annual ’97

ASL Annual ’97 was published by Avalon Hill in 1997. This was the last ASL Annual.


  • A Cavalry Primer For Neighsayers Pooch’s Ponies on Parade by Michael Pucci
  • ASL Area News by Russ Gifford
  • Series Replay Scenario G28 Ramsey’s Charge by Jeff Coyle, Matt Noah and Carl Fago
  • Red Death For Scouts In Flames Four Battle-tested Tournament Scenarios by Pete Shelling
  • Debriefing ’97 (rules Q&A and errata)
  • Signals (letters column)
  • The Road To Nhpum Ga Background for History Buffs by Chuck Powers
  • Vive La France! Encore Croix de Guerre Review Part Deux by Mark Nixon
  • ASL on the World Wide Web by Jacques Cuneo
  • What Do You Do When You Don’t Have A Can Opener Combating Early War Armor by Tate Rogers
  • From The Editors
  • Historical map (Nhpum Ga)



  • On the Nhpum Ga map, hexrow U is misnumbered. The first hex is U1, then a hex with no coordinate. Call that hex "U1.5".


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario A105 Police Action 01/05/1940 Partisan German
ASL Scenario A106 Debacle at Korosten 30/08/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario A107 The Red Wave 24/09/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario A108 Sudden Death 27/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario A109 Scouts Out 19/11/1944 American German
ASL Scenario A110 Shanghai in Flames 27/10/1937 Japanese Chinese
ASL Scenario A111 Cattern's Position 20/11/1942 Australian Japanese
ASL Scenario A112 Gift of Time 20/02/1943 Axis Allied
ASL Scenario A113 Then Things Got Worse 15/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario A114 Hamlet's Demise 13/05/1940 German French
HASL Scenario A115 Blockbusters 31/03/1944 American Japanese
HASL Scenario A116 Tangled Up in Blue 28/03/1944 Japanese American
HASL Scenario A117 Maggot Hill 31/03/1944 Japanese American
HASL Scenario A118 The Waterhole 31/03/1944 Japanese American
ASL Scenario A119 Showdown in Syria 20/06/1941 French Indian
ASL Scenario A120 Uncommon Valor 21/12/1939 Finn Russian