ASL Annual 89

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ASL Annual '89

The ASL Annual was first published by Avalon Hill in 1989. Although the focus of the magazine was ASL, this issue contained a Squad Leader article and three Squad Leader scenarios that were later converted to ASL in ASL Annual '90.

ASL Annual '89 also introduced the controversial Incremental Infantry Fire Table.


  • A Nation of Workers Utilization of American Manpower and Material in ASL by Craig F. Posey
  • A Word from the Editor by Rex A. Martin
  • A Question of Balance A Playtesters' Look at Scenario 9 by H. Sylvester and E. Murrell
  • Topography (list of maps and modules)
  • The Evolution of Small Unit Tactics A Historical Commentary on Squad Leader by John Hill
  • Piper's Lament A New SMC for ASL (A25.47) by Eugene Murrell
  • Signals (letters column)
  • Gunned-Up in the Desert A West of Alamein Adventure by Mark C. Nixon
  • The Squad Leader's General (list of ASL articles in The General)
  • The Men of Company A (list of ASL and Squad Leader players)
  • Man and Superman Utilization of Russian Manpower and Material in ASL by Craig F. Posey
  • Comprehensive SL Index Squad Leader through G.I. by Jon Mishcon
  • How to Win an ASL Tournament Eight Steps to Victory by Jon Mishcon
  • One-Half FP The Incremental Infantry Fire Table by Jay Kaufman
  • Updating the Oldies ASL Scenarios A10 and A11 by Jim Stahler
  • Another Shell in the Tube On-Board Mortars in ASL (C9) by Robert Medrow
  • Debriefing (rules Q&A and errata)
  • Forward Observer by Rex A. Martin
  • Chronology of War (list of scenarios in chronological order)



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario A1 Tavronitis Bridge 20/05/1941 German British
ASL Scenario A2 Bofors Bashing 20/05/1941 German British
ASL Scenario A3 Descent into Hell 20/05/1941 German British
ASL Scenario A4 Beyond the Blue Beach 09/09/1943 German American
ASL Scenario A5 Holding the Rear 11/09/1943 German American
ASL Scenario A6 The Price of Impatience 08/06/1944 German Partisan
ASL Scenario A7 Slamming of the Door 17/08/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario A8 The Agony of Doom 19/04/1945 Russian German
ASL Scenario A9 Midnight Massacre 15/09/1944 German American
ASL Scenario A10 The Borders are Burning 30/11/1939 Russian Finnish
ASL Scenario A11 Silent Death 09/12/1939 Finnish Russian
ASL Scenario A12 Savoia! 23/08/1942 Italian Russian
DASL Scenario AD1 L'Ecole Normale 08/06/1944 Partisan German
DASL Scenario AD2 Last Act in Lorraine 06/12/1944 American German
DASL Scenario AD3 Back to School 04/02/1943 German Russian