ASL Annual 90

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ASL Annual ’90

ASL Annual ’90 was published by Avalon Hill in 1990. Although the focus of the magazine was ASL, this issue contained a Squad Leader article and three Squad Leader scenarios that were later converted to ASL in ASL Annual '91.


  • Eight Million Bayonets Utilization of Italian Manpower and Material in ASL by Craig F. Posey
  • Eight Steps to ASL A Programmed Instruction Approach by Jim Stahler
  • The Devil’s Brigade Reference Notes for ASL by Steven Swann
  • Series Replay Scenario 37 - Khamsin by Mark Nixon, Bill and Dave Sisler
  • Giving It Your Best Shot A Checklist for Direct Fire in SL by Ron Shirtz
  • War in the Shadows The Partisans in ASL by Charles Markuss
  • A Dog’s Life A New LATW for ASL by Rex A. Martin
  • How to Enjoy an ASL Tournament Eight Steps to Fun by Mark Nixon
  • A Word from the Editor by Rex A. Martin
  • Signals (letters column)
  • The Squad Leader’s General (list of ASL articles in The General)
  • Debriefing (rules Q&A and errata)
  • The Non-Coms of Company A (list of play testers)
  • Chronology of War (list of scenarios in chronological order)
  • Forward Observer by Rex A. Martin



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario A13 Able at Cesaro 08/081943 American Italian
ASL Scenario A14 Monastery Hill 09/03/1941 Italian Greek
ASL Scenario A15 Stand Fast the Guards 23/05/1940 German British
ASL Scenario A16 On the Borderline 30/11/1939 Russian Finn
ASL Scenario A17 The Penetration of Rostov 24/07/1942 German Russian
ASL Scenario A18 Sbeitla Probe 17/02/1943 German American
ASL Scenario A19 Cat and Mouse Feb - Apr 1944 Allied German
DASL Scenario AD4 The Island 14/06/1944 German British
ASL Scenario A20 Counterattack at Sidi Bou Zid 15/02/1943 German American
DASL Scenario AD5 Intimate War 12/02/1945 American Japanese
ASL Scenario A21 Counterattack on the Vistula 06/08/1944 German Russian
ASL Scenario A22 The Crux of Calais 25/05/1940 German British
ASL Scenario A23 Contest in the Clouds 26/03/1944 German Partisan
ASL Scenario A24 Regalbuto Ridge 31/07/1943 German British
ASL Scenario A25 Cold Crocodiles 20/01/1945 British German
DASL Scenario AD6 Breakout 29/06/1944 German Russian