Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 9

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Winter Offensive 9.jpeg
Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 9

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 9 was published by MMP in 2018.

This was created for the Winter Offensive Tournament. Money raised from the sale of this product went to the WWII Foundation.


  • 4 unmounted map (i, j, k, l)
  • 5 scenarios






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
DASL Scenario WO24 Dew of Death 23/08/1938 Japanese Chinese
DASL Scenario WO25 The Replacements 01/09/1942 Italian Russian
DASL Scenario WO26 Phoenix Rising 26/07/1944 Chinese Japanese
DASL Scenario WO27 Checking Out 19/10/1944 German American
DASL Scenario WO28 Dean's Defiance 22/07/1950 North Korean American