West of Alamein

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West of Alamein

West of Alamein was the fifth ASL module published by Avalon Hill. It contained British infantry, support weapon, vehicle and ordnance counters.

West of Alamein introduced desert warfare to ASL. It contained boards and overlays with desert terrain.

MMP republished the British counters in For King and Country.


  • 5 mounted maps (25, 26, 27, 28, 29)
  • 12 counter sheets
  • 8 scenarios
  • Terrain overlays
  • Chapter F North Africa
  • Chapter H Design Your Own (British)
  • Chapter N Armory (West of Alamein, The Last Hurrah, Partisan!)




Counters and Chapter H:

  • p.H55 [British Vehicle Note 18] ((A27L) Centaur IV [Cruiser Tank Mk VIII]): This vehicle has Normal Ground Pressure (D1.4), not the High Ground Pressure shown [Counters replaced in ARMIES OF OBLIVION]
  • p.H56 [British Vehicle Note 21] ((A30) Challenger): This vehicle has Fast Traverse (D1.31) and a 1 ROF, not the Slow Traverse (D1.32) and 0 ROF shown [Counters replaced in ARMIES OF OBLIVION]
  • p.H56 [British Vehicle Note 22] ((A34) Comet): This vehicle has Fast Traverse (D1.31), not the Slow Traverse (D1.32) shown [Counters replaced in ARMIES OF OBLIVION]
  • p.H57 [British Vehicle Note 27] (Valentine II [Infantry Tank Mk III]): The Valentine II tank with ID "A" should be marked as a Small Target (i.e., +1 TH; D1.74).
  • p.H69 [British Vehicle Note 76] (Terrapin Mk I): Reverse movement costs this vehicle two times its normal hex entry-cost as signified by "REV × 2" on the counter [Counters replaced in ARMIES OF OBLIVION, but movement type is shown as "fully-tracked" instead of "wheeled"]
  • p.H70 [British Vehicle Note 79] (Loyd Carrier): Ammunition of ≥ 100mm being carried by this vehicle reduces its Passenger capacity (C10.13) by 4 (not 8) PP — as signified by "Ammo: 4PP" on the counter [Counters replaced in ARMIES OF OBLIVION]
  • p.H72 [British Multi-Applicable Vehicle Note BB] In line 1 replace "or" with "and/or"
  • p.H72 [British Multi-Applicable Vehicle Note CC] Add this note, which applies to all Churchill tanks except as noted:

Churchill tanks had unique transmissions allowing them to make steep climbs easier. Therefore a Churchill tank [EXC: while the Bridgelayer is carrying a bridge, the AVRE is carrying a fascine, or the Crocodile has its trailer hooked up] pays only 2 MP when ascending each intermediate level of an Abrupt Elevation Change (B10.51) instead of the normal 4 MP, and can cross a Double-Crest hexside (B10.52) but must check for Bog (D8.21) with a +2 DRM.


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario 35 Blazin' Chariots 19/11/1941 British German
ASL Scenario 36 Rachi Ridge 12/11/1943 British German
ASL Scenario 37 Khamsin 13/06/1942 German British
ASL Scenario 38 Escape from Derna 07/04/1941 British German
ASL Scenario 39 Turning the Tables 31/03/1941 German British
ASL Scenario 40 Fort McGregor 26/02/1943 German British
ASL Scenario 41 A Bridgehead Too Wet 22/03/1943 German British
ASL Scenario 42 Point of No Return 23/11/1941 German New Zealand