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VASL is a computerized interface for playing ASL over the Internet. It does not replace the need to own the boardgame, but it does allow any two players to connect and play each other live over the Internet. Unlike games played over Internet chat sites (IRQ's), you are able to see and manipulate both the maps and counters on the VASL screen and transmit this information instantaneously to your opponent. Play by email or connect to the online server, where you can view other games being played, share information, chat, and compete in online tournaments. It's a club for those without a club, and it's changing the hobby.


  • First of all Java (from Sun Microsystems) should be installed on your computer. Click here.
  • Automatic installation of VASL can be started here.


  • Next boards, scenarios and overlays should be installed. Download and then unzip the various board archives and extract them to the boards folder. If you have downloaded the overlays, extract them to the overlays folder inside boards. Create a scenario folder, then download the scenario setup files.
  • Board downloads:

Original Link on VASL website. Mirror copy on VASL Dump. The mirror provides larger zipped files (eg. all normal boards in one file), but the VASL site is the most comprehensive list of all available maps (even custom, HASL, ...).

  • Scenario setup downloads:

Original Link on VASL website. Mirror copy on VASL Dump.

  • Overlays downloads:

Original Link on VASL website.


Start Playing

Don't forget to configure VASL to your needs and learn the hotkeys available in the program.