The General 31.5

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The General vol 31 no 5.jpeg
The General Vol. 31 No. 5

The General Volume 31 Number 5 was published by Avalon Hill in 1997.


  • Reading, 'Riting And 'Rithmatic in the AGE OF RENAISSANCE Learning the Three "R's" by John Kisner
  • Tricks and Taboos Getting the Edge in AGE OF RENAISSANCE by Stuart K. Tucker
  • Zone of Control Debut of a New Review Section by John Kisner
  • Winning Ways Interviews with AvalonCon '96 Winners by John Pack
  • A Breath of Fresh Air from the Windy City ASL Scenario Briefing by Louie Tokarz
  • Live Long and Prosper Less Traveled Roads in HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Bruce Monnin
  • A New Glimpse of History Design Analysis for the Computer Game by Larry Rose
  • Making History in the World A Computer Player's Brief by William J. Dickerson
  • Series Replay - STONEWALL'S LAST BATTLE' Salem Church by Charles Bahl, Les Wain and Tony Reid
  • Surviving Among the Witless Defense of the Designer's Thesis by Alice Shepherd
  • Getting a Good Start in MASTER OF ORION II Tips on Creating the Master Race by Rick Moscatello
  • Save the Princess! PRINCESS RYAN'S STAR MARINES by Mark G. McLaughlin
  • You Self-Serving S.O.B. Interview of a Star Marine by Stuart K. Tucker
  • ANZIO and the Drive on Rome History in a Box by Stuart K. Tucker
  • Up Periscope New Computer Preview Column by Jim Pedicord


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G40 Will to Fight... Eradicated 07/09/1939 Polish German
HASL Scenario G41 Jabo! 18/12/1944 German American