The General 31.1

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The General vol 31 no 1.jpeg
The General Vol. 31 No. 1

The General Volume 31 Number 1 was published by Avalon Hill in 1996.


  • Empires in the Balance Japan's Opening in EMPIRE OF THE RISING SUN by Dave Casper
  • The Long Road to Japan Allied General Strategy in EMPIRE OF THE RISING SUN by Bruce Mansfield
  • Just Say "iie" An Introduction to Playing the Japanese in Global War by Peter Robbins
  • The Sick Man of Europe A Scenario for EMPIRES IN ARMS by Jim Lawler
  • "How Can They Put Such Planes Into The Sky" Adding the Defiant to LONDON'S BURNING by Ben Knight
  • Series Replay - LONDON'S BURNING Man Against (Game) Machine by Howard J. Hill with Ben Knight
  • The PANZER LEADER at Arracourt (Part III) Analysis of Situation 28-4/3 Juvelize: The Finale by Steven B. Wheeler
  • ASL Crossfire: Hill 253.5 Opposing Views of Scenario T7 by Robert Benzoic and Rich Summers
  • The D-Day Tactical Training School (1944 Semester) Laptop Reference Guide for D-DAY: AMERICA INVADES by Eric Sposito
  • Solitaire Offense for BOWL BOUND Sports Special by Stuart K. Tucker
  • Showdown on the Rappahannock First Look at STONEWALL'S LAST BATTLE by Ed Beach
  • The Advent of the Euro-Carrier An ADVANCED THIRD REICH Variant by Rick D. Stuart


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G33 The Awakening of Spring 14/03/1945 German Russian
ASL Scenario G34 The Liberators 02/04/1945 Russian German