The General 28.5

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The General vol 28 no 5.jpeg
The General Vol. 28 No. 5

The General Volume 28 Number 5 was published by Avalon Hill in 1993.


  • Opus Taylorum Expansion Rules and Scenarios for MIDWAY and GUADALCANAL by S. Craig Taylor
  • Campaign TOKYO EXPRESS In "The Slot", For the Duration by Fr. Nigel Hodge
  • Give 'Em The Spurs! Variant Rules for the New MUSTANGS Air-Combat Game by Bruce Kohrne
  • "Wake Island" and "The Two-Ocean War" Variant Scenarios for MIDWAY '92 and GUADALCANAL '92 by James E. Meldrum
  • Series Replay VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC by W. Jockusch, D. Targonski and A. Applebaum
  • Variants In The Pacific Historical Variants for VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC by Wesley Kawato
  • Pacific Encounters Four Pacific Scenarios for DAUNTLESS by David Angus
  • Gone But Not Forgotten SAMURAI: Avalon Hill's Game of Power Politics in Feudal Japan by Don Hawthorne
  • The World's Most Boring Article Official Game Title Abbreviations by Don Hawthorne and Don Greenwood
  • New Release HISTORY OF THE WORLD: A Preview of Our Latest Release by Don Hawthorne


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G16 Alligator Creek 21/08/1942 Japanese American