The General 27.3

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The General Vol. 27 No. 3

The General Volume 27 Number 3 was published by Avalon Hill in 1991.


  • Double-Turn Shotgun A Med Power Play Axis Option by Mark C. Nixon
  • Shoot-Out In The West Further Considerations for the "Shotgun" by Mark C. Nixon
  • Making The Transition Advanced THIRD REICH by Joseph Brophy
  • Computer Corner Computer THIRD REICH by John Huff
  • Advanced Game Design Dropkicking Hitler Back to the Stone Age by Bruce Harper
  • Battle Log Truely, THE LONGEST DAY by Steve Piotrowski
  • Behind The High-Water Mark More Realism for THE LONGEST DAY by Charles E. Duke
  • Coming Attractions Family Favorites by Don Greenwood
  • Avaloncon A Fresh Start for an Old Hobby
  • AREA News The Latest in Competitive Gaming
  • Pulling Old Chestnuts From The Fire AtlantiCon ASL Tournament Scenarios, Part II by Jim Stahler
  • To Spring A Trap Rommel's Plan in FORTRESS EUROPA by Randy Heller
  • Normandy's Back Door Invading the 7th Military District by Randy Heller


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario T7 Hill 253.5 09/07/1943 German Russian
ASL Scenario T8 Aachen's Pall 15/10/1944 American German