The Fox's First Bite

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The Fox's First Bite

Scenario TGW2.jpg
Publication: The Great War 1914-18
Location: The Argonne
Scenario Date: 29/01/1915
# of Turns: 6
# of Maps: 1
Maps Used: 5
VASL map
Attacker: German
Defender: French


On January 29, 1915, in the Argonne region of France, German lieutenant Erwin Rommel leads his company in the daring capture of four French block-houses, the structures used on the front to house artillery positions.

Rommel crept through the French wire first and then called for the rest of his company to follow him. When they hung back after he had repeatedly shouted his orders, Rommel crawled back, threatening to shoot the commander of his lead platoon if the other men did not follow him. The company finally advanced, capturing the block-houses and successfully combating an initial French counter-attack before they were surrounded, subjected to heavy fire and forced to withdraw.

Rommel was awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, for his bravery in the Argonne; he was the first officer of his regiment to be so honored. “Where Rommel is, there is the front,” became a popular slogan within his regiment. The bravery and ingenuity he displayed throughout the Great War, even in light of the eventual German defeat, led to Rommel’s promotion through the ranks of the army in the post-war years.

Versions History

Victory Conditions

Germans win if they completely control the French deep trenches. Ground snow (E3.72) is in effect.







After Action Report




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