Hall of the Mountain King

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Hall of the Mountain King

Scenario TSS2.jpg
Publication: ASL Digest 6.5
Location: Kronborg, Norway
Scenario Date: 21/04/1940
# of Turns: 9.5
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 18, 40
VASL map
Attacker: German
Defender: Norwegian


While most eyes were focused on the German advance toward Trondheim and the arrival of the British expeditionary force, another battle was building up in the mountains toward Bergen and Sognefjord. The Germans had decided to give a linkup with the forces in Trondheim highest priority, thus they made no attempt to link up with their forces in Bergen. Their only advance into the mountains was a battlegroup sent up the Begna vally to protect the German left flank.

Outside Bergen the Norwegians had managed to mobilize the 4th Brigade, the only complete brigade in all southern Norway. It was decided to send it to the main battleground around lake Mjösa and the transfer began on 17.April. By 20.April the Germans were aware that something was happening up in the mountains. Reports had made them suspect British landings in Sognefjord and they decided to divert a battlegroup (K.G. Adlhoch) from the the main drive, to go toward Fagernes and the Sognefjord. The clash between the 4th Brigade and Group Adlhoch would last until the surrender of the 4th Brigade on 1.May.

Source: Norway 1940

Versions History

  • Original text version in the ASL Digest 6.5
  • Updated version by ASL.NET. Corrected errata.

Victory Conditions

Norwegian troops try to occupy ground east of the river. Crossing a bridge in open ground with an overwhelming force against a small - well led - German patrol. Ground snow (E3.72) is in effect and the German OBA - with scarce ammo (C1.211) is led by a hero in a high Ski Jump.




The errors of the original version were corrected in the updated version.

  • "Set up on board 18, on or East of hexrow 10" has been changed to "Set up on board 18 hexrow 10 and on board 40 west of the river"
  • SSR 2 refers to a bridge. The correct hexes are 40Q2 and 40Q3.

As remarked by Tater (on the Gamesquad forum), the troops are represented by British while the use of Allied Minors seems more appropiate. Therefore the following can be used:

 SSR 5: Treat all British MMC/SMC as Allied Minors of the equivalent class.


After Action Report




Scenario can be found in the ASL Digest 6.5 (text). Updated version by ASL.NET: Local Download (pdf).