Block Busting in Bokruisk

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Block Busting in Bokruisk

Publication: ASL Journal 1, Beyond Valor
Location: Bokruisk, Russia
Scenario Date: 29 June 1944
# of Turns: 8
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 1, 3
Attacker: Russian
Defender: German


During the destruction of Army Group Center, many of Hitler’s “Fortified Localities” were cut off and surrounded by the Russian advance. Bokruisk was just such a city. The city had become a fortress with pillboxes and old tank turrets being used throughout. The Russian attack came from the north and south where the Germans were weakest. After successfully breaking through the fixed outer defenses, the Russian attack turned into bloody street fighting. . .


Victory Conditions

The Russian must control stone buildings



- Bokruisk is not the name of the town of the engagement; it ought to be Bobruisk. This dates back to the original Cross of Iron scenario.



After Action Reports