QuickFire Challenge 1

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Original Contest

Below is listed a complete German Order of Battle for a reinforced PanzerGrenadier Platoon. This is all the Germans get in their OoB. You may pick your own date, location, weather and other parameters for a scenario design, but this all the Germans get. The only other restriction is that you may only use maps, Russians, Partisans, etc. and anything else that come in Beyond Valor 3. In other words... ANYONE with BV3 will be able to play your scenario design.

German Order of Battle

  • 1 x SPW 251/10 (65)
  • 3 x SPW 251/1 (63)
  • 1 x SPW 251/sMG (58)
  • 1 x SPW 251/2 (59)
  • 1 x SPW 251/16 (66)
  • 1 x 9-1
  • 1 x 8-0
  • 3 x 4-6-8
  • 1 x 2-4-8 HS
  • 1 x LMG
  • 1 x ATR or PsK (depending on date selected)

Source: Gamesquad Forum

Contest Results

All final results have been posted on the GameSquad forum. The score can be found in thr table below (the lower result the better). The contest winner is Ted Wilcox with Roadside Assistance.


ID Title Creator Description Result
GS1 Roadside Assistance Ted Wilcox “Rescue operation” for the Germans… rescue of an isolated unit before the unit is wiped out by Partisans. 1.90
GS2 Ich hatt' einen Kameraden Mason Murray “Penetration” scenario where the Germans must break through the Partisan lines. 2.57
GS3 Nullifying Neris Bill “King Billy” Brodie “Fighting Withdrawal” for the Partisans. 2.30
GS4 A Sad Victory Enrico Catanzaro German urban attack against a dual opponent (Polish Home Army and the Russians). A good three-person scenario using Enrico’s famous self-balancing biding system. 2.34
GS5 Outnumbered and Outgunned Mike "Double Deuce" Torrance Pits German halftracks against Russian light tanks supported by infantry. No guaranteed kills here. 2.64
GS6 Sturm Warning Ian Percy Pits the German panzergrenadiers against a heavy Russian attacking tank/infantry force in urban terrain. 2.26
GS7 Breakout Too Late Don Lazov Has the panzergrenadiers facing an ever increasing number of Russians (across 4 entry turns) with only one objective… prevent a German “Breakout” 2.45
GS8 Monkey Business Norman DeLaura II Russian 'last' airdrop: trying to survive and escape... 3.01


The full package is downloadable from The ASL Scenario Archive and ASL.NET Local download. Individual scenarios can be downloaded on the scenario page.