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Conceived and designed by French ASLer Laurent Cunin, the Provence Pack is a pack of 10 themed scenarios featuring the Free French in battles in and around Toulon in southern France in August 1944. A variety of French, American, and British ASLers playtested the scenarios in the late 1990s; the Provence scenarios later appeared in the French ASL magazine Le Franc Tireur in 1998.

MMP liked the Provence Pack, but for some reason decided not to print and sell it but instead just offer it as a download from the MMP Web site (the official reason is that MMP "had no way to fit it in the schedule").


On the 15th of August, 1944, the US 7th Army--commanded by General Patch--in a Mediterranean remake of "Overlord", assaulted the French Provence coast in operation "Anvil". The purpose was to open a second front in France, with the hope of trapping the maximum number of German troops possible between "Anvil" and the Normandy "Hammer".

Two days later--on a rocky, desolate hill behind the city of Toulon -- the night is warm and quiet, disturbed only by cicada songs. Suddenly the cicada stops chirping, and soft footsteps are heard... First one man, then ten men, finally a full battalion walks silently toward the outskirts of Toulon. Their blackened faces reveal the tiredness that comes from their stumbling night march and the weight of their load. But their faces also show a kind of pleased determination...after four years of exiled humiliation they now fight on French soil! Long have they dreamt of this and the imminent battle against the despised foe!

The following days saw the landing of French Army Group B in order to liberate both of the large French Mediterranean harbors Toulon and Marseilles. Thus began the saga of the future 1st Free French Army--that fought against and pushed the Germans out of France and back to the Rhine and the Danube

Source: Provence Pack Site on MMP





Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario PP 1 Cut the Road to Marseille 19/08/1944 Free French / British / Partisan (FFI) German
ASL Scenario PP 2 Supply Detail 20/08/1944 German Free French / Partisan (FFI)
ASL Scenario PP 3 The Viet Relief 19/08/1944 German American / Free French / Partisan (FFI)
ASL Scenario PP 4 Peek Hour At the Golf Hotel 21/08/1944 Free French German
ASL Scenario PP 5 Today We Take Hyeres 21/08/1944 Free French German
ASL Scenario PP 6 Under a Sky of Lead 21/08/1944 German Free French
ASL Scenario PP 7 A Hunter In a Hurry 21/08/1944 Free French German
ASL Scenario PP 8 A Little Bit Closer To Heaven 22/08/1944 Free French German
ASL Scenario PP 9 Night Hodgepodge 23/08/1944 German Free French / Partisan (FFI)
ASL Scenario PP 10 A Cab for Sainte-Anne 24/08/1944 Free French German


Available for download on the official ASL site. Original Link and Local Download.