Hollow Legions

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Hollow Legions.jpg
Hollow Legions

Hollow Legions was the seventh ASL module published by Avalon Hill. It contained Italian infantry, support weapon, vehicle and ordnance counters.


  • 2 mounted maps (30, 31)
  • 6 counter sheets
  • 8 scenarios
  • Chapter H Design Your Own (Italian)
  • Chapter N Armory (Hollow Legions, Hedgerow Hell)



Errata (1st Edition)

  • On the two Wagon/Sledge counters, "M6 1S/5PP" and "M7 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP" and "T7 15PP" respectively. Each should contain two stars (not one). MMP

Errata (2nd Edition)

Italian SW:

  • Italian MMG should not say "no dm"
  • Italian HMG should not say "no dm"

Italian Vehicles:

  • Autocarretta (Italian Vehicle Note 26): Counter "D" should have "CS 5" on the back, not "cs 5"
  • Fiat 508 MC (Italian Vehicle Note 27): Counters "C" and "D" should have "cs 2" on the back, not "CS 2"

Italian Ordnance:

  • 37/45 AT (Italian Ordnance Note 4): The counter is mislabeled "PaK 35/36" and should not show "H[9]"
  • 75/32 ART (Italian Ordnance Note 11): The counter is mislabeled "leFK 16nA" and should not be B11
  • 149/40 ART (Italian Ordnance Note 16): The counter is "K 18"; its CSize should be overscored as HE only


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario 51 The Taking of Takrouna 20/04/1943 New Zealand Italian
ASL Scenario 52 Too Little, Too Late 09/09/1943 Italian German
ASL Scenario 53 A High Price to Pay 10/07/1943 Italian British
ASL Scenario 54 Bridge to Nowhere 12/08/1941 Italian Russian
ASL Scenario 55 Retribution 11/07/1943 US Italian
ASL Scenario 56 Half a Chance 19/11/1941 British Italian
ASL Scenario 57 The Battle for Rome 10/09/1943 German Italian
ASL Scenario 58 Ci Arrendiamo 07/02/1941 Italian British