Croix de Guerre

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Croix de Guerre.jpeg
Croix de Guerre

Croix de Guerre was the tenth ASL module published by Avalon Hill. It contained French infantry, support weapon, vehicle and ordnance counters.


  • 2 mounted maps (40, 41)
  • 6 counter sheets
  • 8 scenarios
  • Terrain overlays (open ground, streams, buildings)
  • Chapter H Design Your Own (French)
  • Chapter N Armory (Croix de Guerre)
  • Chapter N divider






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario 75 Strangers in a Strange Land 13/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario 76 End of the Ninth 18/05/1940 German French
ASL Scenario 77 Le Herisson 05/06/1940 German French
ASL Scenario 78 Encounter at Cornimont 20/06/1940 German French
ASL Scenario 79 Bridge of the Seven Planets 03/06/1940 German French
ASL Scenario 80 Play Ball 08/11/1942 Vichy American
ASL Scenario 81 Fratricidal Fighting 20/06/1941 Allied Vichy
ASL Scenario 82 For Honor Alone 20/06/1940 German French