COW September 1941

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL WG 4 Breaking Out of the Pocket 01/09/1941 Russian German North of Kiev, Russia Wargamer 2.10
ASL 1 Fighting Withdrawal 02/09/1941 Finnish Russian Sestroretsk Road, Terijoki, Finland ASL Module 1: Beyond Valor
ASL WG 5 Setback On the Road To Mtensk 05/09/1941 German Russian South of Moscow, Russia Wargamer 2.10
ASL ? Va et Vient a Beloostrov 05/09/1941 Finnish Russian Beloostrov, Russia Journal du Stratege
ASL Euro-Pack 84 Battle For the Odessa Line 06/09/1941 Romanian Russian West of Odessa, Russia Euro-Pack 5: Eastern Front Warfare
ASL ANZ2005.1 Island-Hopping on Lake Ladoga 07/09/1941 Russian Finnish Rahmaa Island, Lake Ladoga, Russia Anzacon Tournament
ASL FAW 6 Renewed Offensive 07/09/1941 Finnish Russian East of Lodeynoye Pole, Russia Finland at War: Jatkosota
ASL FE113.1 Blood On the Timbers 07/09/1941 Russian German Allakurtti, Russia Barbarossa North
ASL FE114.1 Hide & Seek 09/09/1941 German Russian Lista, Russia Barbarossa North
ASL FE118 Zaporohze Island 09/09/1941 Hungarian Russian Zaporohze Island, Russia Oblivion Pack
ASL O112.2 Death In the Afternoon 13/09/1941 German Russian Smolensk-Moscow Highway, near Yelnya, Russia On All Fronts 112
ASL TH 6 Tom Repetti's Dream Scenario 16/09/1941 German Russian Orsha, Russia Hundsdorfer, Tim
ASL LC2 Running the Gauntlet 16/09/1941 Russian German Near Kiev, Ukraine TMP
ASL FE 65.1 Straight To the Front 17/09/1941 German (SS) Russian Pulkovo, Russia Leningrad Pack
ASL CH 73 The Stand Off 18/09/1941 German Russian Outside Romny, Russia Critical Hit 4.1
ASL O45.1 Romny 18/09/1941 Russian German Romny, Russia On All Fronts 45
ASL LSSAH12 Contact! 20/09/1941 German (SS) Russian Hurde, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 2: Barbarossa!
ASL LSSAH13 The Russians are Coming! 21/09/1941 Russian German (SS) Swobodny Port, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 2: Barbarossa!
ASL A81 They Fired on Odessa... 22/09/1941 Russian Romanian Grigorievka, Russia ASL Annual '95 Winter
ASL RBF-25 Odessa Squeeze 22/09/1941 Russian Romanian Odessa, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL A107 The Red Wave 24/09/1941 Russian German Lushno, Russia ASL Annual '97
ASL RBF-26 Flatfooted Cavalry 26/09/1941 Russian Romanian Akimovka, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL VV31 Inainte! 26/09/1941 Romanian Russian Filiberto, Russia Vae Victis 46
ASL FO3 One Story Town 30/09/1941 Finnish Russian Petrozavodsk, East Karelia Forward Observer 2