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| Kaunas, Lithuania
| Kaunas, Lithuania
| [[Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit 3: Tanks!]]
| [[Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit 3: Tanks!]]
| [[Scenario AP42|AP42]]
| [[Frontiers and Pioneers]]
| 26/06/1941
| German
| Russian
| Skaudvila, Russia
| [[Action Pack 5]]

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Chronology Of War Main Apr 1941 May 1941 June 1941 Jul 1941 Aug 1941 Sep 1941

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL NJ4 Michelin Impassable 01/06/1941 Japanese French Mt. Mutumbo, Belgian Congo Alternate History Scenario Company
ASL JW 4 Pigeon Shoot 01/06/1941 German Russian On the Frontier, Russia Assurbanipal
ASL DB066 West Front Series #2: WN63 06/06/1941 American German Cabourg, France Dispatches From the Bunker 27
ASL BC 1 Short Sharp Shock 08/06/1941 British Vichy French Kafr Badda, Syria Aussie Tournament Pack
ASL BC14 Vichy Vengeance 13/06/1941 Vichy French Australian Sidon, Syria Armoured Aussie Pack
ASL Tac44 Drame Libanais 15/06/1941 Vichy French British / Australian North of Marayoun, Lebanon Tactiques 6
ASL ? Casse-Pipes 15/06/1941 ? ? Halfaya Pass, Egypt Journal du Stratege
ASL FE 40 Such Impudence 16/06/1941 Vichy French British Quneitra, Syria Fanatic Pack 3
ASL Tac40 Cauchemar Ecossais 16/06/1941 German British Sid Omar, Syria Tactiques 5
ASL DR3 Hellfire Pass 16/06/1941 British German Helfaya Pass, south of Sollum, Egypt Desert Rats
ASL SP 71 Cutler’s Cross 19/06/1941 Australian Vichy French Merdjayoun, Syria Schwerpunkt 6: Victoria's Cross
ASL A119 Showdown in Syria 20/06/1941 French Indian Mezze, Syria ASL Annual '97
ASL 81 Fratricidal Fighting 20/06/1941 Allied Vichy French 6 miles south of Damascus, Syria ASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre
ASL TAP11 Pescara On the Bug 21/06/1941 Hungarian Russian Pescara, Russia Total Axis Pack 1: Eastern Front Firestorm
ASL WG 3 Attack On the Frontier 22/06/1941 German Russian Near Memel, Lithuania Wargamer 2.10
ASL ASLSK Contest A To the Soldiers of the Ostfront 22/06/1941 German Russian Brest-Litovsk, Russia ASL Starter Kit Scenario Contest Scenario Pack
ASL JW 3 Going Ashore 22/06/1941 German Russian Near the Bug River, Russia Assurbanipal
ASL 6 Red Packets 22/06/1941 Russian German Zhabinki, Russia ASL Module 1: Beyond Valor
ASL XK1 Encounter At Checkpoint Chapkevskoy 22/06/1941 German Russian The Lithuanian Border Forgotten Counters
ASL FrF 4 Barbarossa D-Day 22/06/1941 German Russian Pruzhany, Russia Friendly Fire Pack 1
ASL FF 3 Armor Clash 22/06/1941 German Russian Staroje, Russia Firefights! 1
ASL RBF-10 Tip Off At Tauroggen 22/06/1941 German Russian Tauroggen, Lithuania Recon By Fire! 2
ASL OST1 Stalin's Shadow 22/06/1941 German Russian Borodzatyn, Russia Ost Front Pack
ASL O49.1 Victory At Pratulin 22/06/1941 German Russian South of Pratulin, Poland On All Fronts 49
ASL DB059 6th Panzer Division Series #1: Grid Them To Dust 22/06/1941 German Russian Jura River area, Lithuania Dispatches from the Bunker 24
ASL FT 28 First Annoyance 23/06/1941 German Russian Kobrin District, Brest-Litovsk fortress, Belorussia Le Franc Tireur 7: Barbarossa
ASL AP12 Cream of the Crop 23/06/1941 German Russian Near the Bug River, Russia ASL Action Pack 2
ASL U24 Traverse Right...Fire! 23/06/1941 German Russian South of Bialtstok, Russia Turning the Tide
ASL FT 51 Harmless Steel 24/06/1941 Russian German Raseinei, Russia From the Cellar Pack 1
ASL CH175 Escape Hatch 24/06/1941 Russian German Grodno, Russia Critical Hit 7.3
DASL HP13 Radio Wars 24/06/1941 Russian Lithuanian / German Kovono, Lithuania Hero Pax 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
ASL OAF10 The Struggle Begins: Panzers At Rasienai 24/06/1941 German Russian East of Pruzana, Lithuania OAF Pack 1
ASL FrF19 About His Shadowy Sides 24/06/1941 Russian German West of Dubysa, Lithuania Friendly Fire Pack 3
ASL RBF-11 Gut Check 24/06/1941 German Russian Southwest of Siaulenai, Lithuania Recon By Fire! 2
ASL KE 2 The Dreadnought of Rasyeinyia 24/06/1941 German Russian North of Rasyeinyia, Lithuania March Madness '97 Pack
SASL O110.2 The Dreadnought 24/06/1941 German Russian Rasyeinyia, Lithuania On All Fronts 110
ASL 10 The Citadel 25/06/1941 German Russian The Citadel of Brest-Litovsk, Russia ASL Module 1: Beyond Valor
ASL ESG50 Sucker Punch 25/06/1941 German Russian Roseiniai, Luthuania Dezign Pak 4
ASL CB2 Defence elastique 25/06/1941 Russian German Magierov, Western Ukraine Casus Belli hors-serie 9
ASL AP41 The Meat Grinder 25/06/1941 German Russian Lutsk, Russia ASL Action Pack 5: East Front
ASL M First Crisis at Army Group North 25/06/1941 Russian German Northeast of Raseiniai, Lithuania The General 25.3
ASL ESG24 Mayhem 26/06/1941 German Russian Radziechow, Russia Dezign Pak 3
ASL RBF-19 Romanian Marina 26/06/1941 Russian Romanian Hokovti, Romania Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL ? Resistance Pres du Pripet 26/06/1941 German Russian ? Journal du Stratege 55/56
ASL NRS Test Deperate Measures 26/06/1941 German Russian Outside Dvinsk, Russia On All Fronts 84
ASLSK S25 Early Battles 26/06/1941 Russian German Kaunas, Lithuania Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit 3: Tanks!
ASL AP42 Frontiers and Pioneers 26/06/1941 German Russian Skaudvila, Russia Action Pack 5
ASL AP7 Directive Number Three 27/06/1941 Russian German Near Dubno, Russia ASL Action Pack 1
ASL HP Bonus Brandenburger Bridge 27/06/1941 Russian German Pripet Marsh, Russia Hero Pax 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations
ASL FE117 Sanok Action 27/06/1941 Slovakian / German Russian Sanok, Russia Oblivion Pack
ASL SK1 Plow Factory 27/06/1941 Russian German Dubno, Ukraine Skirmishes!
ASL O54.1 The Roadblock 27/06/1941 German Russian Western Russia On All Fronts 54
ASL TAC12 Commando Schenke 28/06/1941 German Russian Liepaja, Latvia Tactiques
ASL FE108.1 No Walkover 29/06/1941 German Russian Rybachiy, Russia Barbarossa North
ASL FE 41 Northern Lights 29/06/1941 German Russian Northern Russia Fanatic Pack 3
ASL FrF10 Assault On Wielki Dzial 29/06/1941 German Russian Wielki Dzial, Poland Friendly Fire Pack 2
DASL O105.2 A Gleam of Bayonets 29/06/1941 German Russian Popelevo, Russia On All Fronts 105