Australian Balance System

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The Australian Balance System (ABS) is a way to balance a scenario between two players of different skills or to account for a scenario that favors one side or the other.

How It Works

The system allows players to rate a scenario at one of 7 levels, from Sure Axis Win to Sure Allied Win. The players bid for which side they want by offering the handicap level they are willing to give to play that side. The winner of the bid gets their chosen side while his opponent gets the benefit of the bid handicap.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Each player secretly writes down which side he wishes to play and then reveals their choice. If the players chose different sides, then each gets the side chosen with out any handicap or balance provision.
  2. If both players want the same side, then each secretly records what handicap level (0 to 3) they are willing to take to play that side. A handicap of 0 is no change (the scenario is played as written).
  3. The players reveal their bid and the player who bid the highest wins the side. His opponent gets the other side with the bid handicap.

Scenario Handicaps

In general, the handicap level 1 is the balance provision listed on the scenario card. For higher level handicaps, you need to refer to the published ABS handicaps.

Handicaps for scenarios ASL 1-34 and DASL 1-18 are available at ASL Webdex.