Armies of Oblivion

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Armies of Oblivion.jpeg
Armies of Oblivion

Armies of Oblivion was the second ASL module published by MMP. It continued the Avalon Hill numbering so it is module 12. It contains Axis Minors infantry, support weapon, vehicle and ordnance counters.

This was the last module to include mounted maps.


  • 4 mounted maps (48, 49, 50, 51)
  • 6 counter sheets
  • 11 scenarios
  • Terrain overlays (hills, woods, river)
  • Chapter H Design Your Own (Axis Minors)



  • The two-tone Hungarian 1-2-7 Vehicle crews should have an unbroken Morale Level of 6
  • The British Terrapin Mk 1 counters that are replacements for the original West of Alamein counters should show the white double circles behind the MP indicating that the vehicle is classified as a Truck for movement purposes



Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario 111 Balkan Sideshow 13/04/1941 Hungarian Yugoslav
ASL Scenario 112 Out of Cowardice 13/04/1941 Hungarian Yugoslav
ASL Scenario 113 Liberating Bessarabia 05/07/1941 Romanian Russian
ASL Scenario 114 Cautious Crusaders 23/07/1941 Slovak Russian
ASL Scenario 115 Huns of Steel 18/07/1942 Hungarian Russian
ASL Scenario 116 The Sixth Blow 12/07/1944 Axis Russian
ASL Scenario 117 With Tigers on Their Tail 23/07/1944 Russian Hungarian
ASL Scenario 118 Downsizing the Uprising 09/09/1944 Slovak German
ASL Scenario 119 Ancient Feud 11/10/1944 Romanian Hungarian
ASL Scenario 120 Return to Sender 14/10/1944 Bulgarian German
ASL Scenario 121 End Station Budapest 15/01/1945 Romanian Hungarian