Age-Old Foes

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Age Old Foes

Publication: The Last Hurrah, Doomed Battalions
Location: Przemysl, Poland
Scenario Date: 27 September 1939
# of Turns: 8
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 4, 33
Attacker: Pole
Defender: Russian


With the Soviet Union now in the war against them, those Polish units still in the field had only two alternatives: surrender to the Germans or Russians, or flight into the neighboring neutrals of Rumania or Hungary. Just miles north of the Hungarian border, Polish cavalry came under fire from Russian forces. With sabres drawn and lances leveled, the cavalrymen commenced their gallop to freedom. . .


Victory Conditions

The Pole must exit units



  • The Russian radio should have contact values of 6/7/8, not 5/6/7.
  • On the Wagon counter illustration, "M³6 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP" and there should be two stars (not one).
  • Kindling is NA.
  • Add one Polish ATR.
  • Wagons are worth 3 VP.



  • "Early Victims; Early Victories: The Scenarios of LAST HURRAH" in ASL Annual '91

After Action Reports