Acts of Defiance

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Acts of Defiance

Publication: ASL Annual ’95, Beyond Valor
Location: Breslau, Germany
Scenario Date: 27 February 1945
# of Turns: 6
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 20, 21, 23
Attacker: German
Defender: Russian


By 16 February, the encirclement of Breslau was complete. Acting on Marshal Konev’s orders to secure the Silesian city, General Gluzdovsky ordered an attack against the crucial Gandau airfield, one of the city’s last links with the west. Facing grim German Volkssturm and Hitler Youth battalions, the Russians were initially thrown back with heavy losses, and were unable to capture the field until 23 February. The 25th saw battle-hardened troops of Fallschirmjager Regiment 26 arrive on a makeshift runway. The Russians were shocked to be facing these tough veterans instead of old men and boys. Still, the vice-like grip inexorably squeezed tighter on festung Breslau. With massive artillery support, the Russians blasted their way into the older, canal-lined sections of the city. One such attack overran a Volksstrurm-held position, crossed a canal, and became a tiny toehold in the German perimeter. With typical reaction, a parachute company and ad hoc infantry units quickly counterattacked the new Soviet threat.


Victory Conditions

The German must eliminate Russian units





  • "Acts Of Defiance: A Look at a Classic Scenario" in ASL Journal 5

After Action Reports