Action Pack 8

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Action Pack 8.jpeg
Action Pack 8: Roads Through Rome

Action Pack 8: Roads Through Rome was published by MMP in 2011.

The scenarios feature battles from the Mediterranean campaign in 1942-1944. The scenarios include Australian Balancing System (ABS) levels.


  • 10 scenarios
  • 3 unmounted maps (4a/b, 5a/b, 6a/b)






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario AP73 Happy Valley 26/11/1942 Axis American
ASL Scenario AP74 Batty-P 10/09/1943 German British
ASL Scenario AP75 Gabriel's Horn 12/09/1943 German American
ASL Scenario AP76 Smoke 'Em 13/09/1943 German American
ASL Scenario AP77 Texas Flood 13/09/1943 German American
ASL Scenario AP78 Crossfire 22/09/1943 American German
ASL Scenario AP79 Rude Mood 18/05/1944 Free French German
ASL Scenario AP80 A Bloody Waste 01/06/1944 American German
ASL Scenario AP81 Lost Highway 05/06/1944 American German
ASL Scenario AP82 Coriano 13/09/1944 Canadian German