Action Pack 12

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Action Pack 12.jpeg
Action Pack 12

Action Pack 12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX was published by MMP in 2015. The scenarios were originally written for the ASLOK XXX tournament.


  • 1 unmounted map (73)
  • 10 scenarios






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario AP111 The Katanas Come Out at Night 31/07/1938 Japanese Russian
ASL Scenario AP112 First Ally 05/09/1939 Poles Slovakian
ASL Scenario AP113 Maintaining the Box 15/02/1944 Japanese British
ASL Scenario AP114 A Lion in the Field 29/06/1944 German British
ASL Scenario AP115 Bats Outta Hell 15/09/1944 Japanese American
ASL Scenario AP116 Mook Point 25/09/1944 German American
ASL Scenario AP117 Second City 11/10/1944 Russian Axis
ASL Scenario AP118 Wise's War 13/10/1944 American German
ASL Scenario AP119 Konev Cross 27/04/1945 Russian German
ASL Scenario AP120 Kingston of the Hill 22/04/1951 North Korean American