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     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>O</b>: Scenarios from "Specials Ops" magazine</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>O</b>: Scenarios from "Specials Ops" magazine</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>OA</b>: Out of the Attic Scenarios</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>OA</b>: Out of the Attic Scenarios</p>
    <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>OB</b>: Scenarios from HOB OtO, Operation Bagation sub-set</p>
    <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>OtO</b>: Scenarios from HOB OtO, Onslaught to Orsha sub-set</p>
    <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>OzB</b>: Scenarios from Ozerekya Breakout</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>MLR</b>: Maple Leaf Route (Winnipeg ASL Club)</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>MLR</b>: Maple Leaf Route (Winnipeg ASL Club)</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>MM</b>: March Madness (Kansas City ASL Club)</p>
     <p>&bull;&nbsp;<b>MM</b>: March Madness (Kansas City ASL Club)</p>

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Abbreviations in general use, but not in the ASL Rule Book:

AbtF: A Bridge to Far — HASL from MMP

ASLOK: ASL Oktoberfest

ASLRB: Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book

BB: Bloody Buron — TPP from LCP

BB: Back Blast Magazine — TPP

BFP: Bounding Fire Productions — TPP

B&J: BFP3: Blood and Jungle — TPP from BFP

BOB: Big Orange Book — The ASL Rule Book

BTB: Beyond the Beachhead — TPP from BFP

B:RV: Berlin: Red Vengence — TPP from HOB

CG: Campaign Game

CH: Critical Hit — TPP

COS: BFP4: Crucible of Steel — TPP from BFP

COWTRA: Concentrate On What The Rules Allow

CTM: Crossing the Moro — TPP from LCP

DFSL: Drive for Saint-Lô — TPP from LCP

DftB: Dispatches from the Bunker — TPP

DI: Deliberate Immobilization

DTO: Desert Theatre of Operations

DTW: Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works — TPP from CH

eASLRB: Electronic Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book

ESG: East Side Gamers — TPP

ETO: European Theatre of Operations

FB: Festung Budapest — HASL from MMP

FF: Fire Fights! — TPP from HOB

FrF: Friendly Fire — TPP Scenario Packs produced for the ASL Tournament held at the Friendly Fire Wargaming Convention in Linköping, Sweden

FTC: From The Cellar — Magazine and scenarios from LFT

GSTK: God Save The King — HASL from HOB

Grofaz: Grossten fur alle Zeiten (Greatest of All Time). Champion of ASLOK.

HASL: Historical ASL

HG: High Ground — TPP from BFP

HH: Hell's Highway — TPP from LCP

HOB: Heat of Battle — TPP

ITR: Into the Rubble — TPP from BFP

KE: Kenetic Energy -— TPP

KGS: Kampfgruppe Scherer: the Shield of Cholm — TPP from LFT

KWASL: Korean War ASL

LFT: Le Franc Tireur — TPP

LCP: Lone Canuck Publishing — TPP

MM: March Madness — ASL tournament of the Kansas City ASL Club

MMP: Multi-Man Publishing

NRBH: No Rule Book Handy

OAF: On All Fronts — TPP

OB: Ozerekya Breakout — TPP from LCP

OC: BFP2: Operation Cobra — TPP from BFP

OM: Kreta - Operation Merkur — TPP from HOB

OT: Operation Turnscrew — CG from DftB

OTO: Onslaught to Orsha — TPP from HOB

pASLRB: Pocket Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book

PHD: Purple Heart Draw — TPP from LCP

PiF: BFP5: Poland in Flames — TPP from BFP

PMC: Personal Morale Check (not giving up after a setback)

PTO: Pacific Theatre of Operations

RB: Red Barricades — HASL from MMP

RB: (the) ASL Rule Book

RBF: Recon By Fire — TPP from HOB

RFP: Residual Fire Power

Scenario Prefixes:

•    : Lettered scenarios ASL Classic scnearios (A-J)

•    : Numbered scenarios from MMP core modules

• A: Scenarios from ASL Annual magazines

• AP: Scenarios from ASL Action Packs

• ASLOK: Scenarios from ASLOK

• BAA: Battle for the Abbaye de Ardennes Scenarios by LCP

• BB: Back Blast Scenarios

• BdF: Baraque De Fraiture Scenarios

• BtB: Beyond the Beachhead Scenarios from BFP

• Cii: Canadians in Italy Scenario by LCP

• FrF: Friendly Fire (Swedish ASL Club)

• FT: From the Cellar Scenarios by LFT

• J: Scenarios from ASL Journal magazines

• KE: Kenetic Energy Scenarios

• O: Scenarios from "Specials Ops" magazine

• OA: Out of the Attic Scenarios

• OB: Scenarios from HOB OtO, Operation Bagation sub-set

• OtO: Scenarios from HOB OtO, Onslaught to Orsha sub-set

• OzB: Scenarios from Ozerekya Breakout

• MLR: Maple Leaf Route (Winnipeg ASL Club)

• MM: March Madness (Kansas City ASL Club)

• RbF: Recon by Fire Scenarios from HOB

• RPT: Rally Point Scenarios from Sherry Enterprises

• S: ASLSK Scenarios (various sources)

• SP: Schwerpunkt Scenarios from Sherry Enterprises

• STL: St. Louis ASL Club Scenarios

• TAC: Tatiques Scenarios

• TBBA: To Battle By Air Scenarios by LCP

• TOT: Time on Target Scenarios from Kenetic Energy

• V: View From The Trenches Scenarios

• WCW: Windy City Wargamers Scenarios

• WO: Winter Offensive

TPP: Third Party Publisher or Third Party Product

STN: St. Nazaire: Operation Chariot — TPP from LFT

VotG: Valor of the Guards — HASL from MMP

VftT: View from the Trenches — TPP

WCW: Windy City Wargamers; TPP