A Bloody Harvest

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A Bloody Harvest

Scenario AP8.jpg
Publication: Action Pack 1
Location: Pabianice District, Poland
Scenario Date: 7 September 1939
# of Turns: 7
# of Maps: 1
Maps Used: 43
Board AP 8.jpg
Attacker: German
Defender: Pole


"Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" Regiment was advancing in Lodz area and has to seize first the city of Pabianice. The vanguard was stopped by the heavy fire of the Polish defenders. The Waffen-SS regiment continued its attacks with the support of PzRgt.23 and field artillery. In the afternoon, a Polish counter-attack, made by infantry and cavalry units, threatened the German right flank. The SS HQ was suddenly in first line and staff personnel as well as cooks ans mechanics were obliged to fight like infantrymen. At the end of the day, a Wehrmacht battalion reinforced the waffen-SS and stopped the Polish counter-attack. The advance to Lodz could continue.


Victory Conditions

The Germans need to clear the little village on board 43 of Polish squads.



  • Delete the two Allied Minor LMG and give the Polish Elite and 1st Line squads Assault Fire [Corrected in PDF version] MMP
  • Comments on Historical Scenario Accuracy Original Link.


After Action Reports