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Rule Clarifications

None yet.

Playing Aids

  • Mini-IFT, by Mark Pitcavage - This play aid has the IFT on one side and the CCT on the other, as well as the Ambush Table and the Heat of Battle Table. Original Link

Tactiques / Analysis

Errata / Q&A

  • A11.4 & A7.831 See prior entry.
  • A11.4 & A15.432 If a Russian Berserk MMC enters into CC in an enemy-occupied building Location during its MPh, can Russian units who advance into the CC Location that same Player Turn cause an Ambush to possibly occur (since they are not reinforcing a Melee)? A. Yes. [Gen22.5; An95w; An96; Mw]
  • A11.4 AMBUSH: ... whenever a hidden unit is placed onboard as per A11.19, an Ambush can occur. [G.4 p.G1; An96; Mw]
  • A11.4 In the last line of the chart, add "unpinned" in front on "Good Order". [An97]
  • A11.4 & A21.2 When Infantry Advanced into a Woods/Building Location containing only an Abandoned enemy AFV, is Ambush possible, and if so, does the enemy AFV suffer any Ambush penalty beyond the +2 drm for a Vehicle? A. Ambush is not possible. [Letter7]
  • A11.4 & A10.72 See prior entry.
  • A11.4, A12.122, A12.154 & A16.2 Can a player decline the use of a poor leadership modifier in an Ambush dr if the leader is not alone? A. No; neither may he decline its use for Concealment (A12.122), Search Casualties (if concealed; A12.154), nor an Integrity Check (A16.2). [An97; Mw]
  • A11.4 & B30.6 Since a unit IN a pillbox that it is screened by a friendly unit in the hex outside the pillbox cannot be attacked in CC (B30.6), would it figure into any Ambush calculations? A. No. [J1; Mw]