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General Use

Click on a counter to select it. (It will be drawn with a thick black border.) Use shift-click to select a draggable overlay. Once a game-piece has been selected, use shift-click to select additional counters. Click on an un-occupied area of the map to de-select all counters. Click & drag to select all counters in a rectangular area. All selected counters will respond to a subsequent hotkey command.

Right-click on a selected game-piece to see a menu of its available choices. These choices will usually include at least the following functions:

  • ctrl-<numpad-number> Movement (see to the right)
NumLock must be ON for both notebook and full-size keyboards.
Hold down the ctrl-key in combination w/ the selected numpad direction key.

ctrl-8 - dir 1
ctrl-9 - dir 2
ctrl-3 - dir 3
ctrl-2 - dir 4
ctrl-1 - dir 5
ctrl-7 - dir 6

This layout corresponds (roughly) to the standard ASL direction-description as diagrammed on a Sniper or OBA ctr, w/ 'dir 1' corresponding to 'up'. This orientation stays constant regardless of a ctr's CA / VCA.

All National O/B units [EXC: Acq, Ctrl, Sniper, OBA] and many 1/2" & 5/8" Inf markers have Move capability. Location, Fortification, Destruction, certain other markers (SMOKE, Residual FP, Abandoned) and Overlays do not. All Moved units will Report in the chat dialog.
  • ctrl-C Conceal (and add "?" marker) / Unconceal
  • ctrl-D Delete
  • ctrl-F Flip (change to alternate appearance)
  • ctrl-H HIP / UnHIP
  • ctrl-I Extra Counter information
  • ctrl-K Clone (duplicate)
  • ctrl-L add/change Label (hit return to apply & exit)
  • ctrl-M toggle MOVED flag


  • ctrl-E ELR (non-Crew MMC only, disabled when Broken)
  • ctrl-F Break and add DM marker (disabled when Heroic or Berserk)
  • ctrl-N Name (SMC only)
  • ctrl-P add Pin marker (but not unPin)
  • ctrl-Q BH (non-Crew MMC only, disabled when Broken or Berserk)
  • ctrl-R toggle Berserk status (SMC & non-Crew MMC only)
  • ctrl-S Stripe (Japanese MMC only)
  • ctrl-T toggle Fanatic status
  • ctrl-V toggle Squad/Half-squad size (non-Crew MMC only)
  • ctrl-W Wound (SMC only)
  • ctrl-X add CX marker
  • ctrl-Y toggle Heroic status (Leaders only)

Double-click to expand a stack in order to view its contents. (Mac users hold down the apple key.) Double-click again to return it to compacted form.

Use the arrow-keys to alter the stack-position of a selected counter:
right-arrow move upward one position in the stack
left-arrow move downward one position in the stack
up-arrow move to top of stack
down-arrow move to bottom of stack

Click and drag stacks to move the entire stack, or expand the stack to click and drag an individual counter. Shift-click to select multiple counters.
Individual ctrs can be selected from an expanded stack using shift-click. Only the selected ctrs that 'own' the Move-cmds will respond.

Stack Movement:
Click on the top-most unit of a collapsed stack to highlight it, a ctrl-cmd Move will affect the entire stack. Location markers (such as Fortifications or Terrain) will not Move with the stack. If the top-most counter does not have Move capability (such as TI or Immobilized markers), the stack will NOT Move, but if such counters are included elsewhere in the stack, they will Move along w/ the stack.


Key combo "Sniper" Direction (cfr. Movement orientation)

  • ctrl-8 - dir 1
  • ctrl-9 - dir 2
  • ctrl-3 - dir 3
  • ctrl-2 - dir 4
  • ctrl-1 - dir 5
  • ctrl-7 - dir 6


  • ctrl-F Malfunction
  • ctrl-V dismantle/assemble


  • ctrl-F Malfunction
  • ctrl-I show Info (special ammo, etc.)
  • ctrl-V toggle Limbered or Dismantled state
  • ctrl-X rotate clockwise
  • ctrl-Z rotate counter-clockwise


  • ctrl-A rotate TCA counter-clockwise
  • ctrl-B toggle CE/BU status
  • ctrl-F Wreck (acts as a toggle for old-style Vehicles)
  • ctrl-I show Info (CS#, ammo, etc.)
  • ctrl-O add Motion marker
  • ctrl-S rotate TCA clockwise
  • ctrl-V activate special status (detach Trailer or launch Bridge)
  • ctrl-X rotate VCA clockwise
  • ctrl-Z rotate VCA counter-clockwise

Draggable Overlays

These supplemental pieces behave much like counters & markers, but will never stack. Once dragged to the map, they can only be selected by holding down the shift-key while clicking them. Use shift & right-click to access the ctrl-key menus.